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Last Updated: July 04, 2014

Honda H logo illuminated


Having a lighted Logo in a vehicle is sometime a head turner, especially if it is crafted and done by ourselves. Although many online products being introduced all over the net, they are all plug and play, and the possibility of costumize it on your intended area of placement cannot be done. So ..

why not make your own. Last time. I did the Honda CIVIC emblem embedded on the side sill of the vehicle,

 see this link. Civic Side Sill

This time it is an emblem that will be put in front of the Honda Civic front grill.
. All materials used in this innovative part is mainly the same as to the others written elsewhere on this site. To get moving, The Homemade CNC router, engraver will still gonna be used, A handy machine for hobbyist for engraving.

No resources of buying your own machine, why not make your own out from defective printers, faxes, etc etc. see link. home made CNC router

Materials needed.
1. Acrylic sheet again
2. CNC engraver machine
3. PC with CNC controller software like KCAM4
4. Modeller software like CUT2D
5. sandpapers
6. Patience

Expect it to be a long and tiring process to get what we wanted, but rest assure, it will be interesting seeing the outcome.

Getting the exact dimension of the logo in front of the grill is the first step, this is to be entered on the modeller software for vectors. , After getting the right size and the vectors for the cutting and engraving the logo automatically,
we then proceed to getting the profile and convert it to a code that the CNC controller will be using.

The Cnc controller will then send the right coordinates based on the code we opened for the software to process.

The home made CNC engraver lack the speed to finish the job in less than an hour, and with the less efficient stepper motors on board, the curve is not that perfect, still it made the logo as i wanted, and the unwanted material must be manually done still using the machine at idle.

Comparing the two crafted logo.
 left is handmade, right is engraved by the machine.

Finished Logo. Just needed to put the right placement of led lighting to illuminate the emblem soon....