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Last Updated: April 25, 2014

Illuminated CIVIC side sill

Led lights are common nowadays as aesthetics solution for motorcycle and cars. They are everywhere from cheap to a so expensive type, but i came across with this. CIVIC side sill light.

 Illuminated CIVIC logo embedded on the side sill part of the vehicle, looks cool. Definitely! but doing this light mod is a pain in the $%^*.

Still i want to share it to all of you how it was done. If anyone has access on a CNC engraver, much easier.

The homemade CNC router engraver with help of KCAM software does it all. After the completion of the engraver, time to embed it to the side sill of the vehicle,

 procedure was not documented on how to form the side sill with CIVIC holes for the acrylic sheet with logo engrave, Pure imagination and little help of a cutter blade will do the trick.

Lighting it up,