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Last Updated: April 01, 2012

Homemade Hobby CNC router

CNC router is a computer numerical control that can engrave, mill, cut, etc etc. i am fond reading related articles about people building their own, so i came to my mind why not build one out from scratch. Before i started to construct one, i gather all the materials out from my junk such as printers, defective fax machines, and scanners, old cabinet for my frame, and slowly building the frame in comparison to othey DIY cnc.

Firstly, i decided to build my own stepper motor driver and test it using MACH 3 control software. After days of tweaking to turn those steppers out from old faxes and printers, finally i was amazed when they move for the first time, and said this is it. The steppers are of course those low torque type, since i am just trying to learn this for the first time, i'll go for this junks. They are model M42SP-5 unipolar stepper and an EM-199 from epson printer, all of them at 12 volts 180 ohms 7.5 degree motor specification.

After configuring MACH3 for the tachus42 unipolar stepper driver using LPT port. it is time to build my frame out from those animation featured on some site. I only got an old cabinet to dismantle saving crews, plastic joints, and the wood itself.
As shown with the frame box fitted with the X-axis steel rod guide, that are secured by those plastic joints i got from the old cabinet, it make sense securing it.

Since i only got acrylic sheets on a 3/4th inch thick, got an idea on how to make a guide for my 

X-Axis, still without my stepper installed, beacause i haven't find any rod with full thread as of now.

X-axis movement is done, moving on with the Y-axis, still thinking of the frame that will hold the Z-axis, got an idea, why not used the printer head cradle mechanism of those junk of mine", gathered two pieces of it and cut  those unwanted materials out of it, came with this one as shown.
The BLACK part of the Y-axis are of those from printer head cradle.

It has a drawback actually, since the cradle is not tightly fitted on the rod and it has allowances, still since i am out of resources for the meantime, it will be the Y-axis,

moving on with Z- axis, using 1/2 inch acrylic, i formed it as shown.

with the X-Y-Z-axis done without the stepper motors fitted in its place. The final step is under construct up until i found the full thread bolt that will move the slides of the axis.

the partially complete (without the motors) hobby cnc. soon will fit the motors and start to move it hopefully within a few weeks. (cannot wait to move them by my computer). TO BE CONTINUE!!!!!