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Last Updated: July 07, 2014

Raider 150 CDI exposed

Raider R150 dc-cdi can rev as much as 13,000 rpm, but when use to other suzuki made underbone motorcycle such as shogun pro 125cc, the performance is almost identical to the shogun oem cdi. So out from curiousity, the cdi internal needs to be exposed, like the one i did to this shogun pro 125cc CDI and to this Kawasaki barako 150cc CDI.

Let the tear down begin

First the case must be destroyed and removed to gain way to the rubber coating of the board as shown, any type of diagonal cutter can do this job.

closer look of the cdi without and removed plastic cover case.

another close up view before manually scraping that rubber epoxy that covers the entire components of the cdi. (this will be needing a huge sign of patience)

After hours of scraping  the bits of broken glass that covers the cdi together with the sticky rubber epoxy, the cdi board is almost expose.

Almost done the top layer of this cdi. If you take a closer look at the CDI board of the shogun and the barako 125, they are almost identical, parts are the same, MCU are the same using the motorola processor, uses the same High Voltage generating circuit, identical capacitor with a value of 2.0uf/400v. all of them has the Tx and Rx port for PC communication that up until now, i have not found any that will be used to communicate. What differentiate this with the other two, this cdi have a TACHOMETER out for the panel. Yes a tachometer signal out for getting the engine revs at real time. Sooner, i will draw the schematic of this cdi.

The three board side by side:

The Shogun Pro 125 has a TPS input pin whileas the Raider 150 CDI uses the same pin but in this case a tachometer out. The kawasaki barako on the other hand is not connected elsewhere.

Kawasaki Barako DC-CDI
1. Ignition Coil OUTPUT
2, Ground
3. Ground
4. Pulser coil INPUT
5. No connection
6. 12V B+ Input

Shogun PRO 125cc DC-CDI
1. Ignition Coil OUTPUT
2. Ground
3. Optional For HV out.. (actual have no connection)
4. Pulser coil INPUT
5. TPS INPUT (from carburetor)
6. 12V B+ INPUT

Raider 150 (gen2) DC-CDI
1. Ignition Coil OUTPUT
2. Ground
3. Ground
4. Pulser Coil INPUT
5. Tachometer OUTPUT
6. 12V B+ INPUT

Disclaimer: no copyright infrigement, the purpose of exposing this OEM CDI are for educational purposes only.


Lito Dagodog said...

so pwding gamitin ang CDI ng barako sa Raider150 po?thanks

Nathaniel Berdan said...

i have not try to fit those cdi to a raider 150 machine, but the named cdi of raider and barako works well with shogun pro machine.

nicko mojica said...

Sir un shogun po ba dito is for bilugan or tulisan? Pede ba sir un raider 150 2nd gen sa tulisan

Nathaniel Berdan said...

Shogun FD125xrm cdi is different from SHOGUN FL125. (shogun bilugan cdi ay iba sa Shogun tulisan)

they have different connector. so i assume you have to rewire your shogun wiring to accomodate the raider 150 2nd generation CDI. Be advised that i have not test it if it works. 2nd gen raider cdi do have the eco and power mode control.

Gabe Junio said...

Hey you know how we could possibly make the tachometer work again? We installed BRT Dual band and after installation, the tachometer no longer works. I followed the layout for 5 pins but the tachometer still doesn't work. Maybe you can help.

Nathaniel Berdan said...

Gabe Junio, there is no way your tachometer will work on BRT, they do not have a tachometer output pulse. You need to costumize circuit that will be connected on the primary side of the ignition coil.

Gabe Junio said...

Hi Nat, thanks for your response. By any chance do you know which wire from the tachometer should I connect directly to the ignition coil?


robin belmonte said...

Sir ung sa shogun na cdi po pwede ring lagyan nag tachometer out ?instead ng tps ? Tnx po

Nathaniel Berdan said...

Robin Belmonte

NOPE, it cannot be done due to MCU mismatch, raider R150 cdi have the program, shogun cdi has none. If you need a circuit for the tachometer, search this site. you'll find what you need.

christian pope rubio said...

Hi ,
Anu po marerecommend nyo na racing cdi for shogun bilugan


Jhinx Valerio said...

Sir ? Pwede po ba yung CDI ng Barako175 sa Shogun 125R ? Please Need Feedback po . Thanks

Merlie John said...

sir pwdi pala ang cdi ng raider 150 sa shogun pro 125 ko na motor sir? paano ba ang wiring? mahina kasi arangkada ng makina sir' 5yrs. na po motor ko. 90kph nlng talaga ang takbo kahit ano gawin q. noon bagong pang bili pumapalo ng 120.. wala pa po akong in.upgrade sa makina o cdi.. stock pa po lahat. salamat sir'

Merlie John said...

sir ano po bang pinaka swack na cdi ng raider r150 para sa shogun pro 125. at paano po ba ang wiring? pwide q po ba kayo e.add sa facebook.

Carlos Sanchez Ramos said...

es interesante tiene página en donde lo puedo contactar

Unknown said...

Sir hindi ba masisira ang makina ng shogun 125 tulisan ko ksi pinalitan ko ng stator at socket ng cdi ng shogun 125R at pinalitan ko ng cdi ng barako 175...ok lng po ba yun sir?

allan jay king said...

Sir penge nga po ng cdi wiring diagram ng shogun pro fl125

amaids said said...

Sir cdi ng newbreed pwede rin ba sa reborn 2015 year model

john gumia said...

sir tanong lang po sana ako kung kakabitan ko po ba ng racing cdi at faito 7400 ignition coil yung raider 150 ko hindi po ba makakasira ng makina yun?

john gumia said...

sir kung kakabitan ko po ng racing cdi at faito 7400 ignition coil ang raider 150 ko hindi po ba mkakasira sa makina yun