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Last Updated: June 28, 2011

Kawasaki OEM DC-CDI

Ever wonder whats inside an OEM DC-CDI of kawasaki,
I got time to open up one just for all of my readers, with my step by step on how i did it without messing up the circuitry of the igniter. At first before i opened up this little black box. The Unit is covered with rubber epoxy and sometimes hardened epoxy to  avoid malfunction from moist and vibration of the motorcycle.

i tried not to mess up with the casing, unfortunately it didnt work for me, the plastic case is too brittle. slowly i chipped the casing with a diagonal cutter starting from the top cover. After hours doing the case thing. ,

The rubber epoxy will be exposed and time to strip it away so that the components of the board will be visible like this.
I used bamboo stick, (do not use hard pointed objects on clearing this epoxy, we do not know where the components are and might get damage by it) better yet use stick. ( i did not use any solvent to strip this...i need the entire board intact and the semiconductors un damage...

As you are getting the used of this stripping will notice something...pieces and bits of GLASS together with the epoxy, perhaps so that no one dare to open this OEM igniter, and or for security reason,  i do not know nonetheless, as i am wanting to know whats inside, i took the risk..(THIS unit is working prior from opening)
This are the bits and pieces of the glass i am telling you all i am digging farther down the board thats what i got. and slowly chipping away the epoxy..I am nearing to exposed everything with hands too tired.

VOILA!!! here's the exposed OEM unit of a kawasaki igniter..

Now, my second to draw a schematic out from this know the differences between my suzuki OEM DC-CDI i opened up a long time ago with this unit...BOTH are working with my bike, but with a differences on the power band. This Kawasaki OEM pulls better but with power loss at top end...rpm limits kicks in early...cant rev more than my Suzuki OEM can. As of now by analyzing the circuitry, i found out they have the same Micro processor unit,


jim2sx said...

master sir, what cdi or after market cdi do you recommend for shogun FD125xrm? what can you say about the performance of FU150 cdi in FD125xrm moped?