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Last Updated: August 01, 2011

Iron Cast Wheel repainting

We all know that cast wheels made of iron is prone to rusting. This what happened to my sinski scooter cast wheel, and so its time to repaint it. Firstly, we have to scrap all rusted parts with knives, sandpaper, and put anti rust primer on it to stop the rust. I have not put out the tyre from the cast wheel so i'll be using the power of masking tape to mask unwanted area not to be painted.
The picture shows my iron cast wheel with red primer been applied. I also mask the area of the tyre ready for paint spray. But wait there are still some area of the tyre not covered. Well, its time to have some old newspaper for the covering of the whole tyre.

now the tyre been covered with old newspaper, ready for spray painting.

I forgot to mentioned that i'll be using a primer gray spray paint for the final color to surface.

My final iron cast wheel color...metallic blue made by RJ london, a bony product with code CTM 1103 honda blue. I just love how this color react on sunlight. its like a two tone color at some angle when viewed.

I just save this iron cast wheel for my ongoing restoration with my sinski scooter


Joe said...

where's the end result of the whole bike?