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Shogun 125 maintenance

This page is dedicated to all shogun variant owners, who wanted to learn and know the general maintenance of each and every part of their motorcycle, from carburetor all the way up to the electrical, as well as proper adjustment of every moving parts inside and outside of the engine.


For optimum engine performance of your shogun motorcycle, one must consider checking the gap between the rocker arm and the valve in a specified time interval to assure the full potential power of your shogun. A slight difference in adjustment of the clearance of the valve to the rocker arm will make a huge impact on the driveability and power of the bike.


FEELER GAUGE is used to correct the gap of the valve clearance by using the right specified number according to the manufacturer data of the motorcycle. Almost all auto part store have this up for grab and at a low price.

SOCKET WRENCH for turning the crankshaft counterclockwise to set the timing at TDC prior on setting the clearance.


CLOSE WRENCH no.8 for removing bolt of the two valve cover both intake and exhaust.

TAPPET ADJUSTING WRENCH to lock the tappet when tightening the lock nut of the adjusting screw. If this is not available, one can use plier but  is not recommended.

Moving on, first we have to make sure the crank and the camshaft is at their rightful marks when doing this..

HOW TO STEP by STEP follow it in order and you will never be lost.


Remove leg shield to give room on removing the valve cover.

Disconnect the spark plug cap and then remove the spark plug.

1. spark plug cap
2. Spark plug
3. valve cover using close wrench number 8...(note that do not interchanged the two valve cover, on installation when job is done)..

Exhaust valve cover gets the most heat build up on any motorcycle.


Remove the valve timing inspection window, and generator cover plug,

4. Timing mark inspection window, use number 17 close wrench

5. Generator cover plug, (this is where we will be turning the crank to timed the ignition at TDC and will turn it counterclockwise...Yes counter not clockwise..this is to prevent damage to the cam guide tension.

I have another trick on how to turn the crank without opening the generator cover plug, but is only applicable on manual transmission. Just put the gear on 4th and turn the wheel clockwise. It is difficult at first due to the sprocket chain loose, but sooner you'll get used to it.

Remove the camshaft cover again using the number 8 close wrench..(do not use open wrench on this kind of bolts, they can easily damage but slipping wrenches on the hex head.

Now the serious part..getting that TDC. (top dead center)

With all cover removed, insert your wrench..number 19 socket wrench i think...I'll get back on this to be sure.

turn that counterclockwise as seen on the arrow direction of the photo.

Now look at thw window of the crankshaft timing..

we are looking for the LINE with a letter T aside.

Based on my experienced looking for this mark...even if it is not at that view..(it may slip from its position due to the cam lobe with respect to the overlapped setting of the shogun camshaft, a small degree slip is still noticeable for the two valve be adjusted as like as if it is at that mark..anyway moving on.

Following the T mark on that window..another mark must be in its place this time.
the camshaft, it has a mark on one side and must be pointing at the NOTCH as shown in C.

When both at their rightful mark, pick the right feeler gauge according to the specified value given by the suzuki manufacturer.

VALUES shown are

for INTAKE it must be 0.03--0.08mm

for EXHAUST must be 0.08--0.13mm

Note: All must be done when engine is cold. attempting to adjust it with engine is hot may get out of spec when engine is running and get hotter.