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On-going project and experimentation

This are those pending projects i am making for motorcycles. Hoping i can make it in time to share it to all of my readers. Time is all i need.

1. Digital gear indicator for 4 speed and 6 speed for motorcycle.
        ---This will replaces the 1-2-3-4 indicator with 7 segment display that will be embedded inside the panel that will uses the old logic IC for cheaper and accessibility on every elcetronic part store, although we can use micro controller IC for the job, might be expensive.

STATUS: ON-going

2. HORN interrupter
-----instead of a multiple push of the horn button to create a series of beeps and honks..this circuit will eliminate that by pushing the horn switch once and creating a multiple honks and beep in series..This in turn too can add more horns of hi and low combination without heating up the horn switch by using an electronic relay.

3. On-board ammeter
-----Ammeter is a handy device onboard your motorcycle to visualize everything bout how your motorcycle charging status is, by displaying the amount of current driven by all of your accessories, and when running the engine indicates the charging current being fed to your battery.