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Who am i really?

 Well i am an electronic techinician by profession, and my hobby is actually electronics, all that are using circuit board made me crazy and craving to understand them more, sometimes i do my own circuits out from the original, in short, I modify them for my intented application, and alter them if necessary. That is how technology evolves, they revised for a better tomorrow.

What other things you do aside from electronics?

I am a rider and a driver. I ride my own small motorcycle made by suzuki, a SHOGUN 125cc manual transmission. I love working with both hands, It is more fun collaborating with the throttle and the clutch.

A driver of a Honda Civic 96 Lxi, and yet again with a manual transmission but this time i love it when working with 2 feet, for i hate RHEUMATISM hehe!!

Why do you BLOG?

I just wanted to share my thoughts and my work to others although not particularly all of them, sometime, we must have a way to figure it out by ourselves for the basic is all there, getting to the trickier part is all about research, and where to research, of course our friendly neighbor, GOOGLE!!!..they know all, just dig them up and it will resurface whether it came from 19th century or from the future.

What made your day and what may not?

When you do visit my site and comment, and seeing my page visits gone hayward, more visits of course means more and more are reading. What may not is, when i have not been able to update this site in lieu of taking care of my family and kids. Yes i am a father to 3 girls and 1 boy, baby sitting from dusk till dawn.

Any plans of buying your own domain?

Of course, but it will only be possible if this blog you are reading still rocks the web. I wanted to revised the site for a more useful information with step by step procedures on how I really do things creatively, but if i am broke, how in the world can i buy my own domain, PAYPAL donation will do, nahhh just kidding.