Headlight Booster

Want more JUICE out of your stock headlight, and do not want to modify your existing wiring. Click to learn more.

HID charging conversion

Are you tired of Battery depletion everytime you uses your newly installed High Intensity Discharge Headlight, Click for solutions.

Fixing OIL drain plug thread

Are you looking for fixing that oil drain plug that went bad and unable to thread that bolt due to loose thread, Here is an easy solution for, CLICK for detais.

Led Light Solution

Wanting to conserve battery power of your motorcycle? Why not change all of your indicator BULBS, such as signal light, tail light and brake light to LED BULBS. Click for more info.


CDI is the heart of your ignition, wanting more power than STOCK but do not want to buy such RACING CDI? You need to know how it work first to understand where to START improving the ignition. Click for more.

Horn Interrupter

Want to have a horn sounds like a machine gun that produces successive sound with only one press of the HORN switch, add spice to that annoying stock horn, CLICK for details.

Reusable OIL filter mod

Paper element OIL filter tends to suffer from clogging, so why not try this filter mod I am using with my small motorcycle for more OIL flow.

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Last Updated: December 18, 2015

Mio Sporty Park/Signal Lights Combo

A simple video that represents the function of signal lights as part of the park light when turned on, that during daytime when park light is off, the signal lights acts as normal signal lights but when the park light system is on, so as well as the signal lights be an extension of the park light but will still function as signal lights when the turn signal switch is activated.

Be advised that green color of signal lights was used on this video purposes only and it is recommended to use the global color of AMBER for turn signal lights.

Last Updated: December 07, 2015

Honda Beat DC-CDI maximum RPM

This video is a test showing the maximum rpm a Honda Beat Scooter stock CDI can deliver. It tells us that whatever we do to our engine, If the ignition is not capable of delivering higher rpm threshold then, simply wasting money and effort.

If you are wondering how to solve the RPM limit of this CDI to cope with the engine performance, unless you will swap an aftermarket racing cdi or limitless CDI, then perhaps, the overall performance will increase. I tried BRT, and not even close with the OEM when regards to the acceleration. I can easily get 80kph with less time on stock or OEM than those BRT. All experiences are based on engine setup maybe. Mine was all stock engine when I've used the BRT. Here is the pinout of the Honda beat 110 CDI for information.

Last Updated: November 18, 2015

Honda Beat Panel Lighting

Lame speedometer back lighting for me gets boring and boring everyday. so why not try changing it to a more colorful one. Here, the sample bike is a Honda Beat 110cc scooter. The original back light color is a warm white and using bulb, but what i have in mind is change it to rainbow colors automatically changing or manually. (I will not discuss on how to, this is just to give you an ample solution on what will be the outcome visually or real time.
This is the original speedometer panel back light.
 And turned to this and color can be selected manually using RGB smd leds and controller,

And to look ugly, I made a Video of continuously color changing effect together with the bar end I installed on the handle bar.

Last Updated: November 05, 2015

Speedometer Backlight Enhancement

Speedometer panel of a motorcycle is your companion that tells you what speed of course when riding it on highways and national roads. We always tend to look at it, But, are we satisfied with their appearance and so why don't we enhance them to make us a little excited whenever we ride them.

Photo in the right is an OEM speedometer face panel of a shogun 125. Global colors tend to use the old school orange or amber color of back light. I don't know why, maybe because of the color temperature since orange is the most warm color for the eye not to stress them when looking at it, or I may be wrong. Let's Google it shall we.

Now many will ask. Why change them? For me it is for aesthetic purposes, creativity, elegance. Changing colors of the back light is there for so many years, even automotive cluster panels of expensive cars have their own appeal when replaced. They even selling it as a kit. My purpose to show you is just to give you an ideas how will it affect the overall appearance of you panel. And there is a little twist too, Digital speedometers tend to use the transparent type of pointer needles. Other uses the solid color only and mostly be found on analog type speedometers and tachometer panels. I'll not be discussing on this page on how to change it actually. Again, just to give you a brighter idea on what will be the final look when you do some modification of back lighting, and illuminating the pointer needles.

Cool white back light with green pointer needle illuminated.
Lavander pointer needle on a warm white back light. Notice the fuel meter LCD inverted. (It is another modification to enhance the display during night time).
Here is another variation but this time from a Raider R150 tachometer face panel. The OEM pointer needle of this gauge is actually a soild orange color and cannot be converted to this kind of modification. It will simply not show off the color of the pointer. So have to look for an alternative pointer needle replacement that are transparent to absorb the light.

Last Updated: November 01, 2015

Motorcycle GEAR Indicator (discrete components)

It has been a while of not having to offer my readers on some stuff that they can incorporate on their motorcycles, but I am here now. The project is made a long time ago actually but halt the progress due to limited resources available in my country. Introducing a Motorcycle Gear Indicator using discrete components and no micro controller involve. Here, the circuit is made by logical semiconductors.


The circuit is quite simple. It uses the power of the 10 line to 3 line encoder 74ls148 and will drive a 7447 seven segment controller to display the right number of the gear. I will not explain further on how they work, datasheets are available all thru here.

74LS148 datasheet
74LS47 datasheet

Combining this two and with the help of some resistor, a 5 volts regulator, capacitors and a Seven segment display, you will have a working gear indicator for your motorcycles.

You will also be needing this for not all motorcycle is equipped with it. A universal Gear indicator sensor. Suzuki raider R150 only have three pins of that i think, neutral and top gear only plus ground and must be replaced.

The sensor common pin is just an earth ground and when a corresponding pin touches one of the input of the encoder, the circuit will then display the number of the gear.

Last Updated: September 28, 2015

Metal Particles Due to Friction (metal to metal contact)

We all know an engine compose of metal to metal contact inside that friction and wear is imminent and whenever we change our oil during maintenance, some of the metal particles will still be left inside how much we blow compressed air to let all remaining oil get out of our engine. I know some of you do not know the flywheel of most motorcycle is a magnet, for that magnet is the key to our stator to produce alternating current that charges our battery, (in relationship with the rectifier/regulator of course) and also powering our headlights at night. Without the magnet, the stator is a useless coil.

Going further, when those metal to metal in contact when the engine is being use. Some tiny bits of metal produced by friction and wear goes along with the oil that as they circulate to every metal that needs to be lubricated by it..to the cylinder head, cylinder sleeve of the block, transmission, as well as to cool the friction plate of the clutch system, and goes to the flywheel magneto as well. And because magnet attracts metal, those tiny particles will definitely stick to it and prevent them from going along with the oil again.

Watch the video below for further visual presentation of what i am talking here about. It may be oil sludge or hardened oil deposit. Which is which, those hardened oil will not stick to the magnet if it has no metal particles deposit that came from friction and wear, and i believe must be removed to prolong more the internal parts of the engine.

NOTE: Nevermind the audio..:)

If you have time to inspect yours, most probably, you'll see less but i assure you that there will be debris on the magnet.

Last Updated: September 27, 2015


Happy Birthday GOOGLE!!! Thank you for always being there for us, whenever we wanted something for answers, help and capabilities on learning things as if we are still studying in schools.

Last Updated: August 03, 2015

Carburetor Tuning Made Easy by COLORTUNE

Carburetor optimum Air/Fuel mixture made easy by using a tool known as COLORTUNE, the basic and simplified ever tool used in a single cylinder engine for real time indication of whats happening inside the combustion.

Provided in the video is what the tool does. It indicates visually the color of the combusted material. Once the spark was created by the plug, it then ignite the mixture. This mixture will tell us what the actual color being generated inside to see also that the carburetor mixture needs tweaking. I know this can also be done by those old trick of hearing engine RPM goes up, and or spark plug color indication. The tool simplify all of that.

Thanks to the tool, Tuning single carburetor made it easy, for me.

A kawasaki FURY 125cc engine in the video is being tweak. It visit my garage for carb tuning. The bike is sluggish and fuel economy was poor. Without altering any at first, i removed the spark plug and installed the colortune plug in it. Started the engine, and there goes the ORANGE color spark visible at the plug window. A mere indication of a RICH side carburetor mixture settings. Without any visual indication, to know what is happening inside, we need to remove the spark plug, see the TIP color, adjust the mixture then run again. (old school died a long time ago). I just need to turn the mixture with this tool and as the engine rpm rises as i turn the mixture screw, so does the color indication inside from orange color turning to BLUISH white which is the optimize color of a near stoichometric mixture a carburetor must have. As easy as it gets.

There are too many who uses the tool. Search all over the net. It might help you too...VISUALLY.

Last Updated: March 28, 2015


There are many reason to incorporate a motorcycle anti theft security system that enables the user to remotely control the motorcycle and or cars alarm by SMS (short messaging system). Putting up an alarm that only alert people within the vicinity of the parked vehicle without alerting the real owner is not that efficient and only by these so called GSM alarm can do the job properly. Once an alarm was detected by the unit, it will send a series of text to the owner notifying them of the alert. In this article. I'll be reviewing the cheap GT06 GPS car tracker alarm that is so cheap and, easy to install unit. It has a downside though and will practically write it down at the very last part of this review.

GT06 Car GPS Tracker GPS/GSM/GPRS Tracking Cut Off Fuel Web-based Gps Track for vehicle motor car alarm

When it arrived, I immediately unpack the box and see whats inside. It is a complete system already and only a GSM sim with of course enough CREDIT to make it work.

Installation is an amateur work too. Take a look closely at the photo for the right installation procedure.

(photo courtesy of the watermarked site)

The relay can be use to cut anything like CDI positive supply, pulser coil signal to ignition, and with just a simple text code to the system will entirely disable the IGNITION system and halt the operation of the vehicle and going nowhere but the side of the road.

For the installation. It must be hidden of course, since this is i think the cheapest out there, no external antenna was provided thus it can be put everywhere like the U-box compartment, but there is a precaution since no external antenna like those of the bigger and efficient units. Any sort of metal within near the unit to where it will be placed on your motorcycle will entirely affect the performance of the GPS function, nonetheless, that function is only used for tracking the vehicle to where it was on a MAP after triggering the cut engine alarm.

SPECIFICATION of the unit.

Products Introduction:

1. Quad-Band Universal GSM;
2. Ultra-Wide Input Range: 8-45V DC;
3. Continuous GPS positioning, and GPRS real-time report;
4. Support location enquiry through SMS;
5. Built-in vibration sensor for intelligent vehicle anti-theft system;
6. ACC ignition detection, with vehicle status prompted;
7. External fuel/electricity cut-off relay for remote control of vehicle;
8. Support three SOS specific phone numbers for remote monitoring & alarm;
9. External SOS switch knob for emergency call;
10. External microphone for remote voice monitoring;
11. Built-in standby battery for alarm for illegal wire cut-of
Feature list:
Built-in high sensetive MTK GPS chip
Built-in GSM and GPS antennas
Real-time tracking
Tele-cutoff petro/electricity
Vibration alarm
ACC detection
Built-in ON/OFF power, wide voltage input
Alarm when the power supply is disconnected intentionally(with backup battery)
Get location via SMS
Voice-monitor function
Panic button for sos alarm
Auto failure -restore function
Three LEDs indicators
GSM:850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
GSM antenna:Quad band
Tracking sensitivity:-159dBm
Aquisition sensitivity:-144dBm
Locating time cost: Hot start:<2 sec(open sky)
Warm start:<15 sec
Cold start:<38 sec(open sky)
GPS antenna:Built-in high gain porcelain antenna
Voice monitoring range:5M
LED indicator:three LED indicators:GPS-blue GSM-yellow Power-red
Dimesions:90.0(L) 46.0(W) 14.0(H)
Operating humidity:5% to 95% non-condensing
Package included:
Host Machine
Power cord
SOS alarm button

A WORD OF CAUTION when ordering this online, make sure the supplier already made an account of the tracker to the WEB BASED GPS positioning software to where you must log-in to monitor and track the position of the unit. We really do not know why ours was not registered on gps588.com, and having to seek other software just to pinpoint the location on a GOOGLE map.


  • cheap 
  • sleek design
  • easy to install
  • good idle current consumption (battery will last for days up until the engine is started to charge the internal battery supply)
  • only 4 wires is needed to connect it on your vehicle

we all know CHEAP means..you get what you paid for

  • poor GPS satellite lock in. Having problems to to get a fix satellite that will enable the GPS track location of the unit, since it has no external antenna provided due to sleek design, poor GPS signal is what you will get.
  • Ain't WATERPROOF..so if you are installing this on a motorcycle, make sure you cover it with ZIPLOCK plastic.
  • Installing it near any metal part of your vehicle is a NO-NO..when i do found a fix satellite for the tracker and put it near a metal on my motorcycle, GPS led indicator stop flashing indication of GPS satellite searching again.
  • If it was not directly registered by the supplier to their own global positioning system tracking system, You will not have any means of tracking the unit when you do registered online, it will only tells you..: NO data receive by the GPS blah blah blah" in other WORDS...."OFFLINE"
Up until now, SMS alarm is GOOD..(A-OK)...but the GPS tracking of the unit is a PAIN in my head..still when it comes to remotely disabling the entire ignition system works 99%..

With 5 star rating of the unit..I'd go for 2.5, the lower idle current consumption is great when it comes to waiting for anything to not good happening outside when you are not near your precious vehicle.

Last Updated: March 03, 2015

Shogun PRO FD125XRM Service Manual

FD125XRM is the second generation Shogun made by Suzuki being the Shogun 110 as the first. FL125 the 3rd generation, and the AXELO as the last generation on their line-up. Apparently, the last revision was only introduced in Indonesia and we are still hoping to enter the Philippine market anytime.

The second shogun was my ride up to this writing and at 10 years old I'd say, it was really durable and very reliable, thanks to Suzuki for that.

General maintenance of this model isn't that difficult actually. The speedometer panel is digital so there is no speed cable attachment that breaks easily. Timing is always right, of course it uses a Digital DC-CDI that unknown to many riders out there. The VM18SS fuel and air delivery system is quite impressive too. The only downside of this generation of shogun compared to FL125. It does not have a crank balancer like those fitted to FL125 (3rd gen shogun) hence engine produces too much vibration at very high RPM, nonetheless, what power is for without able to feel it with your feet (LOL).

This model was already been phased out by Suzuki in this country, and only few are left running at the very top. Others have the problems of the third gear getting the crackling gargled sounds when engage within the transmission. (well i don't).

Want to service your own 2nd generation Shogun 125, maybe this site will help you achieve what i have for the last 10 years. I wanted to translate it in English but with those illustration and step by step pictures will allow you to understand it hopefully. Enjoy this service manual.

Do you want to have a copy and tired of looking at the preview window

Last Updated: March 02, 2015

Yamaha FINO Service Manual

Fino is the classic retro scooter made by Yamaha. With the old school looking headlight and classic speedometer panel plus the side mirror of the past. This fully automatic single cylinder scooter has risen from the expectations of many from the big four Japanese motorcycle brand provider.

And from the MIO line up, modifying this motorcycle is as simple as memorizing the alphabet due to the many available parts all over the country. And when it comes to modification such as engine bore upgrade as well as fitting led and hid lighting accessories. A very handy Service Manual may help you with ease.

Last Updated: February 17, 2015

Yamaha Mio Soul Led Headlight Conversion

Led headlights are now widely installed on motorcycle nationwide. With their low power consumption and ampere draws from the battery, It has bloom out into the open and every motorcycle shop offers a variety from dual led to triled, to projector type with angel eyes, and all have different characteristic on how to install, the later was the difficult type fitting inside the headlight assembly. Dual and Tri are the easiest and more economical to use for the fitting will just be like of the original bulb Rear entry.

How to install RTD triled on a Yamaha MIO SOUL properly? Very easy actually, but readers must be advised that to power the Led, DC must be used, unfortunately, almost all motorcycle and scooters original headlights are powered by AC being supplied by the stators. When you switch ON your headlight as the engine is running and the bulbs and panel lights are fluctuating, then automatically, It is AC powered and have to be converted first to DC before installing Led Headlights.
Mio soul is the easiest one to convert since the panel lights was already DC. Isolating the wire the has the AC driven source for park and headlight and redirected to the supply of the panel lights as shown on the left picture.

When done.
Installing the led and replacing the bulb is by using the supplied connector, follow the procedure within the manual supplied on how to attach it to the bulb socket.

Original DUST cap
Note: The original bulb of the headlight on this scooter model have a DUST cap..as shown. to protect it of course from outside debris that may enter at the back of the assembly, and that wehn the bulb was replaced by RTD triled. There is no way to return the dust cap and leaving it without any will be a disastrous and costly. So we need to improvise.

look for any sort of plastic cap of the same size of the original but with more height, in my case, I use the cap of a choke/carburetor cleaner that fits perfectly with same outer diameter as the original and when it was placed to cover the RTD triled.
Perfect fit as shown, just put some small amount of super glue..DONE!!!

Wiring is not that difficult too, since the system was already converted to DC headlight. follow the instruction of the three wire to which is which,

Mio soul color code for the headlights are this
1. Green wire --low beam
2. Yellow wire --high beam
3. Black --ground

The approach is not to cut any wires to preserve the original wiring in case problem arises with the led replacement and always ready for the refitting of the original bulb headlight.

View of RTD triled inside the reflector
 Connection is shown . With the soldering is done, yes solder it. just do not twist or tap it to avoid getting it lose. Cover the original bulb socket with electrical tape to avoid touching any metal part of the chassis, for it is still live when you turn on the led headlight.
 Park light only TRILED off

low beam
Hi beam

Last Updated: January 24, 2015

Raider R150 tachometer for BRT solution

Raider R150 tachometer is a digital design that works only with the OEM DC-CDI. The input signal pulses for it to work came from one of the output pins of the MCU inside the black box.

Many motorcycle mod junkie that fits aftermarket compatible ignition controller like the BRT, kitti and others do not have that pulse to make the tachometer work again, Hence only some modification is needed.

Figure 1 shows the circuit that may able to use to control and or make the tachometer works and uses LM2917N which is a frequency to voltage converter entirely useful on thise analog tachometer made by TYPE R.


The signal pin is connected to the primary input of the ignition coil. The meter connection to be use is meter (-) and will be connected to the wire that was supposedly connected on the CDI pin. which is pin 5 wire..calibration is done by VR1, and your done.


figure 2 shows the typical layout of the circuit.

Image not scaled.

Last Updated: January 08, 2015

Raider rear brake sticking solution

Motorcycles with disk brake such as those of shogun 125, raider R150 tend to stick when brake is engage if it is not maintain properly. The brake caliper won't return at the rest position. Bleeding the fluid alone will not help on removing the sticking caliper problem, and the solution is quite simple and can be done even without removing the wheel.

Looking at figure 1
figure 1
with the brake pad remove, if the caliper cannot be moved away from the disk rotor then the rods that hold it to the bracket is already in need of cleaning and re-greasing.

There are two ways to remove it, and my way is not taking out the wheel.
Figure 2 shows how is simply take out your muffler. To get it out from the bracket. Two rods are holding it in place, one is fixed and one is removable like of a bolt as shown in
figure 3. Just loosen it using an open #12 until the bolt is fully out from the bracket.
Figure 4 will allow you now to move the caliper all the way up for removal, away from the bracket.
figure 5

Figure 5 and 6 shows the rod that needs cleaning, If these rods have rough surfaces, sand it with 800 grit followed by 1000 to smooth it and freely move later.
Figure 7 shows where to put grease after cleaning those holes. When done re-greasing, Clean the external surface of the caliper for dirt and mud (optional)

It is ready for re-insertion. Procedure is just the opposite of the removal.

and that's it. Sticking brake caliper is gone and your back wheel will freely spin now.