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Last Updated: July 10, 2014

License Plate Led Lamp DIY

Led due to their low current consumption characteristic are nowadays being used on motorcycles and automotive lighting solutions. They are replacing those filament bulbs for signal lights, brake and tail lights, panel lights, plate number led lamp and as well as daytime running lights. In this page, I am trying to make my own led lamp  for license plate for i broke the housing when i've gotten to replace those busted bulb, so i have no choice but to replace them with led light type and mold the board that will fit inside the broken housing.

License plate light housing is removed taking it apart to look for where the smd led array will fit.
The broken hole to where the light bulb holder cannot be fixed and will no longer hold it in place. The holder broke due to the brittleness made by the bulb heat during operation was the most likely suspect. Damn bulbs.. :))

Taking it apart, There's the area that can be used to hold the board of the led.
Cut an empty copper board that will fit on that area and come up with this.

note: The process of how to make PCB on all my projects here are not being used here. If you want to know how to make one, then probably your best tutorial is....GOOGLE :)

Moving forward

After removing excess copper board to produce the PCB for the SMD led. In order for the foil path not getting corroded by moisture, i have no intentions of removing those toner coating. Only the area for soldering will be scrape.

Now populate the board with the parts needed for this DIY. Smd led first, look for proper orientation. They are 3 in series with each string have their own limiting resistor of 180 ohms, then paralleled those strings or array.

(no schematic is needed if you know how to work on light emitting diode)

SMD led where taken from old household led lamp,  just recycled every part i have.

After populating the board. Fit it inside the license plate lighting module as shown using the white holder to secure the led array inside.

Testing it is easy, use 12 volts supply. There let there be a plate number led lamp.

By comparing the led lamp to the bulb type..What a big difference with the intensity of the light. Successful DIY.


Rohan Sharma said...

LED lights consume less power as compared to other lighting devices. Also,LED lights produce high intensity beam. These are few of the reasons that make it suitable for automotive industry.

Nathaniel Berdan said...

and the On time is much faster than those ordinary filament bulbs. :)