Headlight Booster

Want more JUICE out of your stock headlight, and do not want to modify your existing wiring. Click to learn more.

HID charging conversion

Are you tired of Battery depletion everytime you uses your newly installed High Intensity Discharge Headlight, Click for solutions.

Fixing OIL drain plug thread

Are you looking for fixing that oil drain plug that went bad and unable to thread that bolt due to loose thread, Here is an easy solution for, CLICK for detais.

Led Light Solution

Wanting to conserve battery power of your motorcycle? Why not change all of your indicator BULBS, such as signal light, tail light and brake light to LED BULBS. Click for more info.


CDI is the heart of your ignition, wanting more power than STOCK but do not want to buy such RACING CDI? You need to know how it work first to understand where to START improving the ignition. Click for more.

Horn Interrupter

Want to have a horn sounds like a machine gun that produces successive sound with only one press of the HORN switch, add spice to that annoying stock horn, CLICK for details.

Reusable OIL filter mod

Paper element OIL filter tends to suffer from clogging, so why not try this filter mod I am using with my small motorcycle for more OIL flow.

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Last Updated: April 25, 2014

Illuminated CIVIC side sill

Led lights are common nowadays as aesthetics solution for motorcycle and cars. They are everywhere from cheap to a so expensive type, but i came across with this. CIVIC side sill light.

 Illuminated CIVIC logo embedded on the side sill part of the vehicle, looks cool. Definitely! but doing this light mod is a pain in the $%^*.

Still i want to share it to all of you how it was done. If anyone has access on a CNC engraver, much easier.

Motorcycle Front shock fail

Motorcycle front shock fail in time especially if it came from an accident and just reused it, rebuild, pressed to salvage for further service.
Shown is what happened to my front shock last 2006. The left side front absorber took the hit., Buying a new one isn't possible, therefore was forced to send it to a nearby machine shop for pressing. From till then, it still serve my motorcycle front suspension to date. But, every year i have leak, damping rod bolt keep on loose, i always have to dismantle the front end, put it in a bench Vise for repair. But then got an idea on how to dismantle just the front absorber cap, and tightening the damping rod bolt at the other end of the suspension. Without removing the entire absorber for their original location, like the bolts that secure them from the T-post,