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Last Updated: November 21, 2013

Gas Float Problem

You find yourself filling your motorcycle gas tank full and yet the fuel gauge indicate an empty tank? Why not check the fuel float bowl for the reason that the float switch is always dip into the gas corroding the contact. You already check the wiring and find no problem, check the terminal and connector but still in good condition, and you thought of checking the fuel gauge for problem but still in vain, it is time to check the FUEL FLOAT inside your gas tank for intermittent and or contact problem.

Due to the fact that the gas nowadays contain alcohol content, to which causes some problems on fuel lines especially rubber that gets harden and fuel float sensor that gets corroded.

 shown is the shogun fuel sensor inside the gas tank, it is very easy to remove, only 4 screws with rubber seal them on the top of the gas tank.

Moving on, we need to remove the pivot or the float arm and float bowl from the carbon switch.

Use a small flat screw driver to pop the pivot lock as shown with arrow on the picture.

After removing the lock, gently pull the arm slowly so that further damage on the contact switch, (it is too brittle to snap one pin because the gas and alcohol already soften them...(yes i actually snap one, lucky i guess just one and there are still other contact to use)

Then you will see those contact to the carbon switch i am telling you, notice the left contact, missing one out of two and on the right missing one of four..

nonetheless still there are other contact that can be used just to salvage this fuel sensor and get my fuel gauge working again..(if those pins are all worn out, sad to say you need to buy a new float sensor for your bike.)

closer look of the pin that was damage. This pins are in contact with this one that varies resistance when they are over them,
RESISTANCE is what moves your fuel gauge meter and or digital display to indicate the capacity of fuel you have on the gas tank.

Bend the pin slightly outward away from the plate so that when you return the float arm and pivot will have more contact on the resistance plate.

And TEST the result..