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Last Updated: January 15, 2013

Odometer / Mileage Reset (reads 99999.9)

It is the end of the line for my shogun 125cc odometer reading which reads 99999.9 and it is been two weeks from now that it was stuck at that reading, and the only way to revert it back to zero is by injecting a new odometer data on its eeprom by using an eeprom programmer and a corresponding software plus an odometer value calculator that will convert any decimal value to hexadecimal that will be manually type to the specific eeprom address on the software window.

Years back, i posted this kind of panel,

what's inside on this link
Speedometer Panel

looking inside the panel will expose of course the entire board of the speedometer. This is digital and care must be consider handling this to prevent problems later on due to static electricity.

moving on

what we are eyeing is the IC with mark IC5 written on the board, that is the eeprom that store value for the odometer reading.

Warning! Modification of a digital odometer for fraudulent purposes is against the law! Be aware of this usage is only for resetting odometer back to zero after where the odometer is already at its end reading.. other purpose aside from it is a FRAUD!!!

This how to is aimed at individuals who have replaced there digital gauge clusters and would like to match their odometer to the actual mileage of their vehicle. I will be focusing on the Shogun and RAIDER 150 panel with the solid PCB in this example.

This modification is a little on the technical side. You should be proficient at soldering and have a general understanding of electronics, programming and hexadecimal math.

Required Tools:
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Soldering Iron and solder
  • De-soldering tools: Copper braid or a solder-vacuum
  • Pliers
  • A pen
  • Personal computer with a serial port
  • Microwire serial programmer (schematic included)
  • Serial programming software 

First the HARDWARE

You can just solder parts by parts on the db9 female connector, making pcb is optional for we will only use this interface once, follow the schematic above and you should be fine. Just a note of caution. U3 is not interchangeable nor cannot be replaced by ordinary 78L05, use the part as designated on the schematic drawing.

As seen on the photo, (sorry for this blurred image). After checking each and every component is soldered properly to each other, you can apply GLUE stick to secure the component not to touch each other.

Second the SOFTWARE

many eeprom programming software are available for download all over the internet, i do tried some and i find it easier for this job using PONYPROG 2000 which is available for free download at their site. configuring the device is easy. PONY PROG download

SCREENSHOT of the software

here the actual data seen was from a SHOGUN PRO 125cc speedometer panel board, i can tell the hardware is working by giving me a bit of data.

Connecting the interface on the target board

again by following the schematic, just solder your wire on each pin accordingly, from pin 1 to pin 8 correctly. (no need to dismantle the IC on board the PCB). solder the wire first before connecting the interface on your PC communication port.

Configuring your INTERFACE with PONY PROG first before hitting the READ button.

From the Set Up menu, choose Interface Setup.

You should have the I/O port set as:

  1. Serial
  2. SI Prog I/O
  3. Which ever port you connected you programmer to.
  4. Leave all the check boxes unchecked.
Click OK!

From the chipset dropdown, choose MicroWire 16 eeprom and the 9346 chip. (L46r)

HIT read!!!

you'll get your needed data. oooppss we are only at the middle part, we need to decode that HEX data into a readable binary or decimal. This is where you mathematical ability come to place. The code we need are those codes that are repeatedly visible many times, as far as i know, the data with the many  number of times came up is the actual mileage data of your panel, to where mine..(actually its my DONOR panel which was ruined by FLOOD to where this panel was soaked in water too long causing the PCB foil path corroded..

the actual odometer reading of this panel was 3009.0 km..

With the data came up, after encoding the hex actually stand the same odometer reading posted.  make sense.

Looking at the memory dump from your odometer chip, the lines we are interested in are 000040 to 000060.
TRY this link....for the conversion..(have no permission to repost it here)


ahhh, you want an easier conversion..i guess you have to download such software that can convert it like perhaps....this


their latest software includes cars, bikes, ATV's odometer and corresponding eeprom part number.

ACTUAL VIDEO of my RESET SAGA!!!! soon, be right back...^-^


paman doblang said...

mohon bantuannya untuk reset odometer shogun 125,tolong kirim file hex nya. terima kasih.

Tekniko Brion said...

Is this steps applicable for raider 150? Anyone tried it?

modguru said...

the C7 100nf it is nesesary or it is ok to not put it in the chip legs 5 and 8 ?

Nathaniel Berdan said...


it must be placed, it was there for a reason.

arman verceles said...

mejo msakit sa ulo

Thu Ta said...

How to reduce click 125i