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May 20, 2010

Shogun Speedometer Panel

Let us take a look inside the speedometer panel of a suzuki shogun 125cc, as shown on the left with speedometer pointer  and lcd remove. The main controller of this panel is a chip made by fujitsu with part number MB89943 which is an 8-bit cpu, controlling everything from the movement of the speedometer needle, lcd display. and counter. Data then are stored like odometer, speedometer reset, fuel gauge calibration on the a microwire bus eeprom with part number L46R.

 Shogun 125cc user espescially those 2006 model and below experiencing odometer stuck up to 99,999.9 and uncapable of resetting itself back to zero..unfortunately newer model already have its own data stored on the eeprom that resets the odometer after reaching the said value.

The only solution to this problem is to inject the new data stored on newer speedometer panel eeprom to IC5 (L46R) by using an eeprom programmer like IC prog with interface such as tait serial programmer and or JDM programmer.


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