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Last Updated: August 14, 2013

Wireless helmet brake light (doorbell hack)

I got an idea with the first post HERE on how to make such related gadget out from those cheap wireless doorbell assembly made by china. With some minor modification of the circuit can be configured to work as a Wireless Stoplight add on for motorcycle.
Photo shown is the donor gadget, transmitter on the left and receiver on the right side. The supply voltage of the transmitter is 12 volts, and can be directly tap on the motorcycle stoplight supply path, that when the brake is press, will enable it to transmit signal towards its receiver.If we analyze their circuit, the transmitter push button switch just enable and disable the supply, and when used on the brake light, the switch will be omitted, so no other modification is needed for it to work on this hack.

For the Receiver, the sound emitted by the module of course is not needed, and the sound chip must be disregard, and in its place, a switching transistor and a pair of 3 RED LED array is to be used. The receiver voltage supply is actually  3 volts only, Three led in series cannot be powered by that voltage so led forward voltage must be selected. In this hack, i'll be replacing the 3 volts up to 3.7 volts such as cellphone battery so that no other additional circuit that will waste battery power.

The video above shows how it works, it is still under the prototype version, for i needed to modify the receiver board size for i am planning to incorporate or put it inside my old zeus 508w modular helmet. I am also working on the cellphone battery holder for the module or a charging port so that i can charge it using usb port or wall adapter.


Already incorporated on my old zeus 508w helmet as shown on this photo.
light emitting diode was fitted on the air flow duct. it was the best i can think off, for drilling holes on the helmet itself will definitely decrease the overall protection of the helmet and that is a NO NO.

Working video taken night time:


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