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Last Updated: August 21, 2012

Wireless Helmet Stoplight

Wireless helmet stop lamp is a gadget that when you hit your brake, stop lamp at the rear will lit to alert incoming motorist that you are braking, every vehicle must have a red (take note) RED colored stop light to alert them. This wireless helmet stop lamp gadget i think will add safety to a rider during night riding. It works as an additional link with the existing rear brake light via the transmitter that will be wired parallel on the stop lamp wiring. Then the receiver which is embedded on the helmet lamp module will receive the signal from the transmitter.

I am thinking of having such gadget like this a long time ago on my zeus 508w, but of course in my own approach..The DIY thing. Although this kind of gadget is possible ordering online via credit card, which i do not own one, so my only option was to make one just like this but again in a different approach that will be my next project very soon. Will be on the drawing board for this one and i am anticipating it to be very useful to me like my signal lights bar end, and side mirror with signal lights for added visibility at night.