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Last Updated: June 27, 2012

Quantum Battery initial charging

Quantum battery needs initial charge before using it on a motorcycle to equalized battery plates, even other batteries needs an initial charge before using. Here, a newly bought quantum battery will undergo initial charging before fitting it on a bike.

Before putting the electrolyte, check for defects, if none, go fill the acid to every hole using the level indicated in front of the battery, UPPER is the level to go for initial charge.

WARNING: you are handling pure sulfuric acid which can burn clothing quickly and cause severe burn on your hands, use adequate protection such as gloves, and goggles for accidental spilling, precautionary method is needed.

The electrolyte at the UPPER level indicator of the battery.

After filling, check at least all acid are at the same level, it is not actually necessary they are even, this is just a  suggestion and may be useful in the future for topping up. Now we are ready for the initial charging, when the acid or electrolyte been filled and you have a multimeter on the side, check the battery voltage, YES there will be a voltage reading around and above 12 volts, since the electrolyte is starting to cover the plates.

This is my reading prior to initial charging the quantum battery, and we are ready to put this new battery on a battery charger/conditioner that i made long ago.

As i always tell my readers and or at the forums i joined, initial charging needs a slow charge process and not those fast chargers available. what we are doing is to stabilize all plates and make them even so that when heavy load is drawing to much current when fitted to the bike, all plates will get the same amount of charge when discharge. Using a newly battery without the initial charge is really a NO-NO and will shorten the expectancy life of your newly bought battery...this was the lesson i have learned from the past, and i am sharing that experience to all of you.

As soon as i hooked up the battery charger to the quantum battery, here's what happened, battery voltage is slowly charging up a hundredths of volts per time.
The battery charger can also detect if the battery can be charge or not by monitoring the battery resistance, that if the resistance is high it will not charge the battery.

I hooked up the charger for hours and leave it connected until the BLUE lights come out indication that the battery if now being trickle charge.

here when i hooked up the charger the blue then become red indication that the battery charger is slowly giving out charge to the quantum battery.

when charge done battery charger will then indicate blue for idle.

and after disconnecting the charger to the battery, Voltage will then dropped down to the final terminal voltage and ready for hooked up to the motorcycles.


If a battery is not properly maintained, its service life will drastically reduced, use the usual routine check on your battery, such as

1. check for terminal corrosion
2. if its not maintenance free, check water level, use distilled water for topping up,
3. if the charging system of your motorcycle cannot charge the battery remove it from the unit, use external battery charger to see if it is still holding charge, if not, replaced and follow the initial charging process.
4. check your bike electrical charging system.

HEAVY discharge of the battery also reduces battery cycle and life. avoid discharging it to a level where too much sulfation will occur on the battery plates.