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Last Updated: May 29, 2012

Motorcycle Gear Position Sensor

 Ever wonder how a gear position sensor of small bikes look like, photo shown is where it is located. This sensor from a Suzuki Shogun 125cc is located near the front sprocket, the transmission shift of this bike is 1 down 3 up with neutral in the middle of 1st gear and 2nd gear.

 After removing the two screws that hold the sensor on the engine, upon pulling out, you will notice the contact with 4 big circle and 1 small which is the neutral, it works actually by contacting it with ground.
 This is how it looks like after the sensor is remove, notice the single PIN which rotates in accordance with the selected gear and will contact with the dot on the sensor. it can be remove to adjust the tension of the spring to make it stiffer and allow it to contact more with the switch, if u have problems of intermittent like i do this is where the problem exist and not with-in your panel indicators.