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Circuits for Motorcycle

Some of the circuits useful in a motorcycle.

Sequential Turn Signal lights

This circuit will on and off the leds in sequence.

Motorcycle DC adapter for LAPTOP

This circuit can be very handy if at times your laptop runs out of battery and in need of a backup power supply that uses a 12 volts battery step down to output 9.5 volts for asus notebooks.
PCB traces
 Component placement guide

Full schematic diagram of the asus eee laptop motorcycle or car backup power supply.

Battery Desulfator

 Battery Desulfator circuits can be handy when your battery is too sulfated to obtain charge. Desulfation is the process of reversing the process of sulfation that occurs to a lead-acid battery over time. Desulfation restores, at least partially, the ability of the battery to hold a charge over the life of the battery originally caused by sulfation). Sulfation is the formation of large non-conductive crystals of lead(II) sulfate (PbSO4) on the battery plates. Eventually so much of the battery plate area is unable to supply current that the battery capacity is greatly reduced. And this circuit will eventually help and keep your dying battery alive. This is also what i am using up to date to keep my YUASA battery in good health...7 years now.

Motorcycle Battery Charger Schematic

This smart battery charger uses LM317K.

Lead Acid battery charger using SCR.

Bargraph type LED tachometer circuit

3 color battery charge indicator circuit

This circuit is used to monitor the battery voltage, using a bi-color LED to indicate the state of the battery.
When the LED is "GREEN" the battery voltage is above 11.9 volts. When the LED is "YELLOW", the
battery voltage is between 11.9 and 11.5 volts. When the LED is "RED" the battery voltage is below 11.5
volts. You can of course, modify the trigger points by using the trimmer resistors and/or changing the value
of the dropping resistors in the divider.
A dual op amp is used as a voltage comparator. The green LED is on so long as the voltage across the
circuit is above 11.5 volts. The red LED comes on when the voltage across the circuit drops to below 11.9
volts. Therefore, in the 11.9 to 11.5 volt range, both LED's are on, producing a some what yellow color.
When the voltage drops below 11.5 volts, the green LED turns off and now only the red LED is on,
indicating a low voltage condition.
It is recommended that multi-turn trimmer be used for V1 and V2. Muti-turn trimmer will make it much
easier to set the trigger points than using a less expensive single turn trimmer. The trimmers could be
eliminated entirely, if one had access to an assortment of 1% resistors and carefully calculated the values
needed. One would also want to use a more precise voltage reference than the common 78L05 regulator


Anonymous said...

awesome man....I like your tachometer & battery charge indicator circuit...
I'd like to make both.
I appreciate your effort.

Anonymous said...

hello mastercircuit, wala ka pong circuit like FX mode? signal ligth as parkligth, hazzard, any cool functions

Anonymous said...

pwede ba yung desulfator sa car battery o sa motorcycle battery lng?

Anonymous said...

I will make the tachometer.
Would you make a gear indicator?
cca price??

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