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Last Updated: July 21, 2017

IconntechsIT 4K UHD Wifi Action Sports Camera Full Detail

I am going to review the said action sports camera with unbiased full details at every functionality as well as those probable accessories that can be used against it. This is my second sports camera on hand. I wanted to review all available below the $100 dollar range, but resources does not permits me. Moving on, let us take a look first at the specifications

Type: Sports Camera 
Chipset Name: Novatek 
Chipset: Novatek 96660 
Function: Anti-Shake,Loop-cycle Recording,Night Vision,WDR 
Features: Wireless Connectivity
Storage :Max External Card Supported: TF 128G (not included) **
Class Rating Requirements: Class 10 or Above
Display:Screen size: 2.0inch 
Screen type: LTPS 
Screen resolution: 320x240

Battery Type: Removable 
Capacity: 1050mAh 
Charge way: USB charge by PC 
Working Time: About 80min at 1080P

Primary Info.
Camera Pixel : 12MP 
ISO: Auto,ISO100,ISO200,ISO400
Decode Format: H.264 
Video format: MP4 
Video Resolution: 1080P (1920 x 1080),4K (3840 x 2160),720P (1280 x 720),QHD ( 2560 x 1440 ),QVGA (320 x 240),VGA (640 x 480),WVGA(800 x 480) 
Video System: NTSC,PAL 
Video Output : HDMI 
Image Format : JPG 
Exposure Compensation: +1,+1/3,+2,+4/3,+5/3,-1,-1/3,-2,-2/3,-4/3,-5/3,0,2/3 
White Balance Mode: Auto,Cloudy,Daylight,Fluorescent,Tungsten 
Microphone: Built-in

WIFI: Yes 
WiFi Function: via mobile software apps
WiFi Distance : 15m 
Waterproof: Yes with case
Water Resistant: 30m 
Loop-cycle Recording : Yes 
Loop-cycle Recording Time: 10min,3min,5min,OFF 
Motion Detection: Yes 
Night vision : Yes 
HDMI Output: Yes 
WDR: Yes 
USB Function: PC-Camera,USB-Disk 
Time Stamp: Yes 
Camera Timer: No 
Time lapse: Yes 
Auto Focusing: No 
Anti-shake: Yes GYRO and EIS (electronic image stabilization)
Interface Type: Micro HDMI,Micro USB,TF Card Slot 
Language: Deutsch,English,French,Italian,Japanese,Portuguese,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Spanish,Traditional Chinese

Frequency: 50Hz,60Hz

Product weight: 0.064 kg 
Package weight: 0.796 kg 
Product size (L x W x H): 5.90 x 4.00 x 3.00 cm / 2.32 x 1.57 x 1.18 inches 

IconntechsIT 4K UHD (ultra high definition) action sports camera is a professional 4k stills/vdeo recorder for Scuba Diving, Sky Diving, Skiing, Surfing, Jumping and other extreme sports. It weighs 64 grams only, equal to an egg, even can't feel it when using it on a helmet or monopod.

 It uses the NTK96660 chipset with fully improved performance, enables you conveniently record 4K ultra-clear video and perfectly capture high-speed motion scenes.

Note: 4K resolution is actually interpolated meaning due to the actual limitation of the chipset capability. The actual 4k resolution is not true hence above the 2k resolution.

Sony CMOS sensor used for Iconntechs action camera is an IMX078 that has 6 Glasses to increase light sensitivity and reduce background exposure, automatic white-balance. With enhanced colors and contrasts, you will got professional images.

Sony IMX117 Lens:
It is a type 1/2.3 approx. 12.40M effective pixel, back-illuminated CMOS image sensor. The light collecting characteristics of the IMX117 lens has been optimized to maximize the light collecting efficiency of the back-illuminated structure. It can widen incident light angle and half the shading. Optical characteristics of this magnitude mean that the sensor can handle bright lenses (higher sensitivity with a lower f-number) and high power zoom lenses. Equipped with the 4K mode and multiple other scanning modes will further broaden the potential of the abundant visual expression. Thus it can make 4K mode action camera has perfect night-visual effect. Camera has built-in Sony IMX117 HD light sensitive sensor. 6 glass lens make it has super night vision effect.

With Diving mode, Iconntechs camcorder can compensate red light automatically. Your photos and videos for scuba diving would looks more vivid and colorful.

What is Diving Mode:
Diving without extra red filter, can also take wonderful videos and beautiful photos. Now in the market, most of action cameras need to buy an extra red filter to compensate red light when diving. With the extra red filter, photos and videos would look more vivid and colorful. But it is quite inconvenient, and it has certain extra cost. Our action camera has the perfect solution. Diving mode can compensate red light automatically. You will be able to take your dream photos and videos whenever and wherever possible.

Adjustable Viewing angles(70-170 Degrees) can meet your various demands on angle. 170 degree wide angle which ensures excellent shoot vision and retains more realistic scene, it captures immersive wide-angle view. Time to take your the most perfect photo and video.

Other competitors do not actually have the function of changing the field of view (FOV) of their sensor. Some are actually having the WIDE, NORMAL, NARROW settings only. In some cases, they are fixed either the 170 degree, or 125 degree.

GYRO and EIS (electronic image stabilization), is a settings that will minimize the shaking of all captured videos. Again, not all camera are created equal. Other do not have the chip embedded on their hardware for this function. The IconntechsIT 4k UHD sports camera have an accelerometer semiconductor inside.

VOICE ALERT FUNCTION, is one feature of this camera that announces if the recording started, or when it was stopped or low battery level will prompt a pre recorded voice inside the Voice speech synthesizer also embedded on its hardware. It can be turned on and off via the settings menu.  For some it is annoying since every prompt will also going to be recorded.

WIFI to apps connectivity, a function to connect the camera to your mobile or tablet devices by a dedicated software to view the video realtime, change camera settings on the fly without holding the camera itself, and by the Android or IOS apps, u can use it as a wireless camera. The function also allows you to upload the shots on your favorite Social Media like Facebook, Instagram. Twitter without downloading files to a desktop or laptop computers. A very economical way for Adrenalin junkies out there.

First with unit is turned OFF, Insert the MICRO SD card on the camera card slot. Powering up is located at the front. By pressing at least 2 seconds, the unit will power then showing up what the sensor sees thru the back of the 2" LCD. If the card is not yet formatted, either a text will appear on the lcd as full card or "No memory card installed". If that is the case, it needs to be formatted thru the camera by browsing the settings to FORMAT menu.

Sample Video Clips at the end of the article

Now for the settings menu of the camera.
Press the Power button, (DO NOT HOLD) three times. The Menu settings will be as follows.

The default will highlight the RESOLUTION settings as shown.
Pressing the ok button will reveal the sub menu of the item as shown.

UHDP24 stands for Ultra High Definition @24pfs--4k resolution  3840 × 2160 ***

QHDP30 stands for Quad high definition@30fps--2K resolution   
2048 × 1080

FHDP60 stands for Full High Definition@60fps
--1080p  1920 x 1080  


HDP120 stands for High Definition@120fps (settings that is used for slow motion recorded video)
WVGAP30 stands for Wide Video Graphics Array@30fps-- actual resolution are 
800x480, 848x480, or 854x480
QVGAP30 stands for Quarter Video Graphics Array--this is the resolution normally being used as Multimedia resolution that stands at 320 x 240 


 Determines the the length of each video clip that will be recorded per file name. SUB MENU will give you the following option.The 3 minutes mode will give you a filename of a 3 minutes recorded video.


 Mode that will enable and disable the shakiness of your recorded video. Not all Action Sports Camera have this function due to the limitation of the hardware. Without an accelerometer on it. There is no function like this.

WDR or Wide Dynamic Range 

Another Powerful function that enable the camera to come up with a greater detail of the recorded video. there will be a greater difference between the brightest and darkest areas.

Time Lapsed Recording

Time-lapse recording is a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than that used to view the sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing

Sub menu will give you option of duration.

Motion Detection

A function of an action cam that allows automatic record when the image sensor find a moving object on their field of view. 

Record Audio

To enable or disable audio recording during use. When only video is required, u can just turn off the audio to lessen the space consumption on the SD card. There is a shortcut on the video recorder view. Just press the down button on the left side of the camera to to this instead of going to this menu.

Date Stamp

To enable the date and time be included on the recorded file.


Determine the field of View (FOV) of the image sensor. Sub menu are 170 degree, 140 degree, 110 degree and 70 degree. Other camera offers Narrow, wide and super wide settings.

Diving Mode

To enable or disable the red filter function of the image sensor during diving, snorkeling. Camera must be fitted with the water proof casing when doing so. The unit itself is not a water proof item.

Night scene

As the word states night, primarily used at night time recording to enhance the brightness  and contrast quality of the camera.

Self Timer

Determine when the camera will record or snap a shot. sub menu includes off, 2 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec

Image size
Setting for camera snapshot.


When turned on, camera will shoot sequence of photos depending on the sub menu selection.


Camera Snapshot effectiveness.Sub menu includes, Fine, Normal, Economy. Fine will consume more file size.


Adjusting this will do more of your captured photos. sub menu includes High, Normal, Medium.

White Balance

Affects the color temperature of your photos and videos. WB as it is called, is the process of removing unrealistic color casts, so that objects which appear white in person are rendered white in your photo.


Shoot in color, black and white, sepia depends on the sub menu selection.


Sensitivity of the image sensor on fully lighted or fully dark areas. Adjusting depends on what you want to do with your subject.

Exposure Value

Affects the recorded image against the light..the lower the value from normal settings will darken and the higher will lighten the clarity of the subject.

Anti-Shakinganti-shake" is the feature to avoid getting a blurred picture if you shake the action camera


Delete a single file or Delete all function of your recorded video.


Lock a desired clip from accidentally deletion when delete function was used or when the camera started to cycle and overwrites the recorded clip. Note that even when the file is protected.When the card is will still be erase.


To enable or disable wifi function when used to connect on the mobile apps for live view. Instead of navigating on this menu, you can turn on and off the wifi function with the UP button at the side of the camera when at video or camera mode.


Simply the name of the Action camera Wifi when detected by your mobile phone..The default is SPORTS DV and can be edited using your favorite ALIAS of wifi name on this menu.

WIFI Password

Password that will be entered on the mobile wifi setting when selected to be able to connect it to your favorite action camera applications.

Default is 012345678 and can be edited for a more secure pass.

Date and Time

Sets the time and date of the camera. If the the date stamp is configured will be embedded on the lower portion of the video. NOTE: When battery of the camera is removed. The date will reset automatically to factory.

Auto Power Off

Set the duration of the camera to Turned OFF when it is idle or no activity.. Use to conserve battery power.

BEEP sound

Turned on or off the beep sound when any button is pressed.

VOICE prompt

Audible indication when a video recording has started or stopped. It also indicates low battery audible warning. But when inside the waterproof casing, the function seems unheard due to low volume quality of the unit.

OSD (on screen Display)

Turned on or off the text display on the LCD monitor.


Used to turn on the functionality as a dash cam when cigarette lighter charger is used on the unit..Sold separately, when plugged and started the engine so does the video recording will start.


select the specific language for you to understand what was written on the menu

TV mode

Set whether PAL or NTSC when TV mode is on


turn on or off the TV out via HDMI port


Set to minimize horizontal lines that will be visible on your recorded video. Sub menu as 50hz or 60hz. Here in my country we uses the 60hz.


Format the sd card to be able to use it on the camera. Formatting the card elsewhere will prompt you that no card is inserted.

Default settings

When pressed on..all previous attempt of the changes to all settings will revert back to original factory default.


The firmware and model version of the action camera..Firmware can be upgraded, but be wary that upgrading with the wrong type will bring the camera automatically. so be sure to find the right one before attempting.Firmware fixes bugs and other functionality to a step higher.

Note: Firmware of the camera is the blood of the unit. There are too many of them that can be found on forum, specified site, but make sure the right one is truly entitled to this unit. We heard Soocoo C30 is the compatible firmware, but of course when used. The start up and the shutdown logo will be replaced too.

if u wonder to know what your doing..

here is the link for that firmware.

If you would like to join the development of an action camera firmware visit
Action camera discussion

another site that can be useful
Another Action cam discussion page

Sample night clip side by side by this camera Sports DV GPCV1248

Sample video clip of 1080p@60fps or FHDP60 on camera resolution setting

Sample video clip of 2k@30fps or QHDP30 on camera resolution setting.