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Last Updated: June 09, 2017

Action Sports Camera Review

The era of an Action sports Camera bloomed over the years ranging from the cheapest to the expensive one in form of a
GO PRO HERO 5, every motorcycle enthusiast as well as seeking adventure trip. This one is a must. I have been motorcycling for many years now, and every journey i had been was just  all in my memory, nothing to share to all of my friends and readers.

The mentioned was incomparable to almost all available in the market today, but with some right practicality of how you will use the action camera, your probable option is to get a cheaper one with the right specification for the every journey you are into. The important thing is to have a clear footage of your trip and adventure that can be shared all over the social media.


1.Chipset--Means which chipset we use to achieve the video recording function. All car camera or sports camera got the same main feature,the light is imaged on the image sensor via an optical lens. These image data is very large(a 5MP camera could produce 450M-900M data per second),these data must be compressed before they can be stored on the memory card,so chipset will do this job. Except data compressing, chipset is also responsible for correcting the image landscaping,making the image becomes clearer.Also providing other features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,Loop recording, burst, time lapse etc...

I'll name a few which is common on those cheap cameras of today
A. Ambarella
B. Novatek
C. Allwinner
D. Sunplus
E. GeneralPlus
F. Hisilicon

Right now, It is undeniable that Ambarella chipset used on action cameras are the far most expensive one, followed by NOVATEK, so on and so forth. When you see a camera spec with Ambarella, do not be surprise of the price of the unit. Go pro uses it, :)

Novatek on the other hand is catching up, Taiwan based chipset used by the known SJCAM on their carrier models such as SJ4000 and some mid priced not yet know brand as of today.

2, Imaging Sensor--The chip behind those lenses that act as the eye of the camera.
An image sensor is a solid-state device, the part of the camera's hardware that captures light and converts what you see through the 
LCD monitor into an image. If you seen a specification of a camera that states, Sony IMX078, or Panasonic MN34120A, or Aptina AR0330, OV2710, and etc. Those will determine the effective pixel of the camera.

3. GYRO or image stabilization function
--the function will remove the shakiness of the image when mounted on unstabilized platform. Some are actually software related, and some uses the electronically type with chip on their hardware.

4, Firmware Support--This is a must, Who wants to be stuck up on an ACTION camera without any means of improving the functionality of the software?. Even mobile phones from time to time needs to be updated for usability.

Other functions are almost optional, like external microphone capability, (not all action camera have this, other uses mods by opening the unit and attaching a jack for the external microphone). but there are units that already capable of this optional function.

LCD touch screen is also an optional to think about. 

Right now I am still waiting for my cheap action camera to arrived and make a full review of the functionality of every settings it has based on the specification. I will also do a tear down of what's inside. After all this site is for educational purposes only.

Stay tuned for my full review of my soon to be action camera. Note it is not a GO PRO HERO 5, They are already good from the name itself.