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Last Updated: November 05, 2015

Speedometer Backlight Enhancement

Speedometer panel of a motorcycle is your companion that tells you what speed of course when riding it on highways and national roads. We always tend to look at it, But, are we satisfied with their appearance and so why don't we enhance them to make us a little excited whenever we ride them.

Photo in the right is an OEM speedometer face panel of a shogun 125. Global colors tend to use the old school orange or amber color of back light. I don't know why, maybe because of the color temperature since orange is the most warm color for the eye not to stress them when looking at it, or I may be wrong. Let's Google it shall we.

Now many will ask. Why change them? For me it is for aesthetic purposes, creativity, elegance. Changing colors of the back light is there for so many years, even automotive cluster panels of expensive cars have their own appeal when replaced. They even selling it as a kit. My purpose to show you is just to give you an ideas how will it affect the overall appearance of you panel. And there is a little twist too, Digital speedometers tend to use the transparent type of pointer needles. Other uses the solid color only and mostly be found on analog type speedometers and tachometer panels. I'll not be discussing on this page on how to change it actually. Again, just to give you a brighter idea on what will be the final look when you do some modification of back lighting, and illuminating the pointer needles.

Cool white back light with green pointer needle illuminated.
Lavander pointer needle on a warm white back light. Notice the fuel meter LCD inverted. (It is another modification to enhance the display during night time).
Here is another variation but this time from a Raider R150 tachometer face panel. The OEM pointer needle of this gauge is actually a soild orange color and cannot be converted to this kind of modification. It will simply not show off the color of the pointer. So have to look for an alternative pointer needle replacement that are transparent to absorb the light.


Taemo Taeko said...

sir saan nyo po nabili yung pointer needle nyo na transparent? salamat!

Nicholas Maspara said...

Hi Nathan isa ako sa palaging nag babasa sa blog mo at marami na akong nagawa dahil dito, can you please give me details on how to make this panel? Thank you Merry Christmas bro

Nathaniel Berdan said...

Nicholas, shogun panel uses SMD led for backlighting the panel face, just replace it with any color of your choice, if the pointer needle ilumminated is what you wanted, you have to remove the orange color paint and replace it with white, then just put led light towards the bottom of the pointer..

Nicholas Maspara said...

Sorry for the delay i just open it , thank you very much friend.

Unknown said...

master namimis ko na mga bago mong post at updates..hehehe tnx po