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Last Updated: November 01, 2015

Motorcycle GEAR Indicator (discrete components)

It has been a while of not having to offer my readers on some stuff that they can incorporate on their motorcycles, but I am here now. The project is made a long time ago actually but halt the progress due to limited resources available in my country. Introducing a Motorcycle Gear Indicator using discrete components and no micro controller involve. Here, the circuit is made by logical semiconductors.


The circuit is quite simple. It uses the power of the 10 line to 3 line encoder 74ls148 and will drive a 7447 seven segment controller to display the right number of the gear. I will not explain further on how they work, datasheets are available all thru here.

74LS148 datasheet
74LS47 datasheet

Combining this two and with the help of some resistor, a 5 volts regulator, capacitors and a Seven segment display, you will have a working gear indicator for your motorcycles.

You will also be needing this for not all motorcycle is equipped with it. A universal Gear indicator sensor. Suzuki raider R150 only have three pins of that i think, neutral and top gear only plus ground and must be replaced.

The sensor common pin is just an earth ground and when a corresponding pin touches one of the input of the encoder, the circuit will then display the number of the gear.