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Last Updated: September 28, 2015

Metal Particles Due to Friction (metal to metal contact)

We all know an engine compose of metal to metal contact inside that friction and wear is imminent and whenever we change our oil during maintenance, some of the metal particles will still be left inside how much we blow compressed air to let all remaining oil get out of our engine. I know some of you do not know the flywheel of most motorcycle is a magnet, for that magnet is the key to our stator to produce alternating current that charges our battery, (in relationship with the rectifier/regulator of course) and also powering our headlights at night. Without the magnet, the stator is a useless coil.

Going further, when those metal to metal in contact when the engine is being use. Some tiny bits of metal produced by friction and wear goes along with the oil that as they circulate to every metal that needs to be lubricated by the cylinder head, cylinder sleeve of the block, transmission, as well as to cool the friction plate of the clutch system, and goes to the flywheel magneto as well. And because magnet attracts metal, those tiny particles will definitely stick to it and prevent them from going along with the oil again.

Watch the video below for further visual presentation of what i am talking here about. It may be oil sludge or hardened oil deposit. Which is which, those hardened oil will not stick to the magnet if it has no metal particles deposit that came from friction and wear, and i believe must be removed to prolong more the internal parts of the engine.

NOTE: Nevermind the audio..:)

If you have time to inspect yours, most probably, you'll see less but i assure you that there will be debris on the magnet.