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Last Updated: March 03, 2015

Shogun PRO FD125XRM Service Manual

FD125XRM is the second generation Shogun made by Suzuki being the Shogun 110 as the first. FL125 the 3rd generation, and the AXELO as the last generation on their line-up. Apparently, the last revision was only introduced in Indonesia and we are still hoping to enter the Philippine market anytime.

The second shogun was my ride up to this writing and at 10 years old I'd say, it was really durable and very reliable, thanks to Suzuki for that.

General maintenance of this model isn't that difficult actually. The speedometer panel is digital so there is no speed cable attachment that breaks easily. Timing is always right, of course it uses a Digital DC-CDI that unknown to many riders out there. The VM18SS fuel and air delivery system is quite impressive too. The only downside of this generation of shogun compared to FL125. It does not have a crank balancer like those fitted to FL125 (3rd gen shogun) hence engine produces too much vibration at very high RPM, nonetheless, what power is for without able to feel it with your feet (LOL).

This model was already been phased out by Suzuki in this country, and only few are left running at the very top. Others have the problems of the third gear getting the crackling gargled sounds when engage within the transmission. (well i don't).

Want to service your own 2nd generation Shogun 125, maybe this site will help you achieve what i have for the last 10 years. I wanted to translate it in English but with those illustration and step by step pictures will allow you to understand it hopefully. Enjoy this service manual.

Do you want to have a copy and tired of looking at the preview window


Phan H. Duy Thai said...

Hello Nathaniel,

Could you please allow me to download this pdf file?
I will try to translate it into English and post it back to you. I also want to translate it into Vietnamese for my club.

Thank you in advance!

Thai Phan

Vũ Hoàng said...

liên hệ số đt tui để nhận nhé 0932 087 902 k gọi đc thì nt