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Last Updated: January 08, 2015

Raider rear brake sticking solution

Motorcycles with disk brake such as those of shogun 125, raider R150 tend to stick when brake is engage if it is not maintain properly. The brake caliper won't return at the rest position. Bleeding the fluid alone will not help on removing the sticking caliper problem, and the solution is quite simple and can be done even without removing the wheel.

Looking at figure 1
figure 1
with the brake pad remove, if the caliper cannot be moved away from the disk rotor then the rods that hold it to the bracket is already in need of cleaning and re-greasing.

There are two ways to remove it, and my way is not taking out the wheel.
Figure 2 shows how is simply take out your muffler. To get it out from the bracket. Two rods are holding it in place, one is fixed and one is removable like of a bolt as shown in
figure 3. Just loosen it using an open #12 until the bolt is fully out from the bracket.
Figure 4 will allow you now to move the caliper all the way up for removal, away from the bracket.
figure 5

Figure 5 and 6 shows the rod that needs cleaning, If these rods have rough surfaces, sand it with 800 grit followed by 1000 to smooth it and freely move later.
Figure 7 shows where to put grease after cleaning those holes. When done re-greasing, Clean the external surface of the caliper for dirt and mud (optional)

It is ready for re-insertion. Procedure is just the opposite of the removal.

and that's it. Sticking brake caliper is gone and your back wheel will freely spin now.