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Last Updated: September 12, 2014

Digital Fuel Gauge LCD Dsiplay

Some small and sports bike motorcycle are equipped with LCD display to indicate speed, fuel level, trip meter and or odometer. Those displays are subjected also to wera and tear due to sunlight especially when parked at direct sunlight. It cracks, and more often getting burned by heat of the sun, thus damaging their polarizer and faded alphanumeric display are the result. It is very difficult to find replacement of this LCD, so we will just try to repair it using materials that would probably works. Let me see. lcd, lcd , lcd..aha! got one defective lcd monitor of desktop computer will do.

Photo at the left shows a flaky lcd display. and needed attention of repair. Before removal of the lcd, prepare the following.

1. cutter blade
2. double sided tape
3. replacement polarizer-(from old defective lcd monitor lying around, will strip a portion of it)
4. alcohol

lets get deeper now.

Step by Step removal of the speedometer panel will not be discuss, everyone can dismantle it from the head unit.

Ready for stripping the damage lcd polarizer, I missed taking a shot on how, but just peel it on top of the lcd by first using the cutter blade to the upper most side then gently pull it away with little force by your finger. Some adhesive of the polarizer will remain on top of the lcd after removal but it will be easily removed by double sided tape and alcohol, later.

View of removed polarizer film of the lcd. Noticed the remains of the adhesive, just use the double sided tape, peel a portion then press it on those pesky adhesive then pull upward, do that many times until none has left, then use the alcohol on clean cloth, wipe it. (avoid the back portion of the lcd with the alcohol, the reflective film at the back will be damaged, as well as the contacts back below the lcd.

This is the cleaned view of this lcd without the polarizer. If you power on the lcd without the polarizer installed, you will not see anything on the display, the alphanumeric is there, but since there's no filter on gets invisible.

The defective LCD monitor of a pc comes into play, you will also peel a portion to get what we need or if you have the resources of buying a BRAND new one from all ONLINE sources much better, but yours truly do not have that so will try to use all existing parts i can salvage from the workshop.

here is what i got, since it was pulled out, there is no more adhesive, so i just have to place it on top with the cover to secure it in place. Now here comes the tricky part..the orientation of the film..

If you want the older look of the display with the alphanumeric visible on clear background.

now try flipping it back and place it on top to see the background
 From there, you can now have thr REVERSED view of your LCD, the alphanumeric will be displayed on white againts the black background giving you better results.
This is the final look when powered on.
The original look is this one. It is your choice, so good luck repairing yours.


bikersworld said...

pagawa nga nung saken na ganito, pa reset na din nung odo meter.

Nathaniel Berdan said...

feel free to drop by anytime to my MANSION lol :)

Anonymous said...

bro pwede ba pa reset ko odo ng shogun r ko ...syo..

Anonymous said...

bro ano ginamit mong film sa lcd?sa akin negatuve na makita kung makita ang bar kung may gas pa..anong film gamit mo? salamat

Nathaniel Berdan said...

yes feel free to contact me if u need to revert it back to near 4oookm not zero,

Use polarizer film, not the reflective film..This is the film found at the back of any LCD monitor peel it off then get a portion, then use it on your lcd.

If you are not able to find one. Try leave a message on my e-mail to get your information. thank you

Anonymous said...

bro ok ba yun sa cp or tablt na dffective?ang probs ko ay hindi ko matanggal ang kamay ng speedomter bro show mo naman paano dismantl ang buong housing ng spedometer..baka kc maputol ang kamay ng speedo pag piilit ko..salamat

Anonymous said...

di ko kasi matanggal ang kamay ng speedmter kaya di ko mailagay ang polirize hepl naman..ty

Anonymous said...

kaso hiram ako tanggalin ang speedometer yung kamay sa gitna..papaano ba yun bro?baka maputol ko ang kamay ng speedo...

Nathaniel Berdan said...


to remove the needle, you have to turn it counter clockwise and as you are turning it gently pull it as well,

(ang pag-alis nyan ay iikutin mo pabalik na may kasamang unti unting paghatak nung pointer, hindi dapat sumama yung pinaka pin, pag nangyari yon, mahihirapan ka na ma align yon..

sa lcd film hindi ko sure kung pwede yung sa cp o tablet..dahil ang ginamit ko ay yung sa monitor ng pc..

Darwin Cabillo said...

Sir panu ung sken..wala na din sya cover sa likod nung lens... ahm sa top po ba ikakapit ung polirize??

Darwin Cabillo said...

Sir anu po pwede q ikapit sa likod ng lens.. kc parang clear na glass nlang po sya.. pero may alpha neumeric pa po

retepskie said...

Maraming Salamat, Great Help ^_^ God bless! - Peter Adofina (Shogun R 125)