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Last Updated: May 14, 2014

Supercharger for small 4 stroke engine

Super Chargers For 50cc and 88cc Big Bore Kits!

How it works:

Supercharger can increase your motorcycle’s acceleration by 100%. This supercharger unit compresses and forces air into your engine. With this increased air supply more fuel can be used creating a huge increase in acceleration. Acceleration can be as much as doubled, making your top speed attainable in half the time. Improved acceleration will improve the maneuverability of you motorcycle, especially in traffic situations.

Here is a video pertaining to a scooter with this modification.

Well i've been thinking of this a long time ago, but have not  able to do so because of the limited resources here in my country. The principle is a straight forward. increase the air velocity, thus increasing intake pressure and the product is increase in acceleration and performance even if the camshaft is in stock form. It is like having a turbo of those turbocharged engine.



kneocycleparts said...
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mohd zain lainsin said...

woo im very2 like this parts
where can i buy from me at

mohd zain lainsin said...

i wants putting thats parts to my suzuki shogun/axelo 125