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Last Updated: May 17, 2014

Motorcycle Voltage Regulator (fake)

Motorcycle Voltage regulator protects the battery from overcharging by shunting the coil winding, that is why it is an important part of any motorcycle electrical. Replacing a defective unit is a trial and error process if u will be using an aftermarket one and not the OEM replacement.

This post is not against aftermarket but why in the world a friendly motorcycle shop offer a regulator like this. Costumer ask for one, seller gave this part, of course the buyer would not tell the difference between a good and a bad one, i'd say really a BAD one, a FAKE voltage regulator in a well formed housing. (sad).

Out from curiosity, a friend of mine who have a HONDA wave wanting his charging system be converted to full wave system to accommodate the High Intensity Discharge lighting installed. He decided to buy a full wave regulator from his friendly motorcycle part store. I was confused when i test for resistances between pins and only found two pin with resistance. And since i build regulators for motorcycle, i knew there is wrong his unit, that instead of using it, i installed my prebuilt one and enjoy using his HID.
As part of understanding voltage regulator, i opened the regulator. Patience if u want the board intact, hard headed mode if u want it dispose after opening.
Left is the problematic voltage regulator. This regulator will be left destroyed unlike from my previous post here FULL wave regulator that i need the board intact and replicate it. From the very first smash of my flat screwdriver on the aluminum casing, I already know it is FAKE!!! no circuit board.

Moving on, I also noticed bits of sand, What the heck? Sand inside the unit, hmm (at the last of this page i'll tell you the purpose of that sand.)

No circuit board is found on the connector side, All you can see is on the photo.

DIODE. yes only diode soldered on two pin, other two pin not connected, so that is why i  only get one resistance from all the pin available. Too bad. If this unit was place and use on board your motorcycle. Lots of thing may happen, One can overcharge your battery, boil the plates and spill out electrolyte that will cause corrosion on chassis and metal of your bike. Two is overvoltage within your entire electrical system, bust the lights, a defective igniter, and worst, Fried wiring harness.

So as part of educational purposes, Be aware of fake voltage regulators, buy from a reputable store or online products, and do buy a branded one.

The sand was placed inside the fake regulator for one purpose only. WEIGHT. the regulator without any circuit board and just diode will weigh less and may be very noticeable by the buyer. (clever idea huh!) but you cannot fool the ones who know to use the resistance meter. (take that!!!)

use multimeter and test all possible pin available with the probe, if u get one resistance from all the pin, it is likely to be fake. Just don't plug it in your motorcycle electrical system, test it on the bench.


Uttam Saekar said...
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Bernard Lim said...

not fake... for small engine 6V battery - single phrase coil generator.

Nathaniel Berdan said...

REGULATOR from the name itself regulates output irregardless of any input..
RECTIFIER converts any incoming AC to DC only and will never ever regulates the ouput

The post above only contain a single rectifier diode that may not be called a REGULATOR for motorcycle and will only harm any existing load that needs regulated voltage.

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Leslie Lim said...

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Vince Jade Barrera said...

sir. can i ask how to test the regulator when its fake? by using multi tester

Vince Jade Barrera said...

sir. can i ask how to test the regulator when its fake? by using multi tester

sarah lee said...

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