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Last Updated: May 12, 2014

Motorcycle oil or Automotive oil

A never ending debate, a trial and error scenario. You will never get to the truth unless you know the facts.

This shogun pro 125cc perhaps and i think one of the unit in a million produce by suzuki in asia pacific that gets tortured by me. Why?,well 6 months after it was bought last 2004. Her blood is running only on automotive oil, yes you read it. Automotive oil now for 9 years and she is still running in good condition, Never it had a major breakdown regarding internal engine parts. I had search all article about such topic, a motorcycle oil cannot be substituted by automotive oil. It is always debated on forum, articles, even talks around corners.

Why in the world did this bike gets 9 years running on automotive oil and not the type itself, motorcycle oil.?
I really do not know what came from my mind that the first change oil of this bike was to use automotive oil. Of course we all know there are two type  of this. The one with "Energy Conserving" additives and the other is without. And with the help of some article written all over the internet. The with energy conserving will slip the clutch if use on wet clutch system. I had tried many automotive oil, from cheaper up to the most expensive one. Nonetheless they all work with my small machine. I had tried the following, and base on my expeience alone using them..of course i would not comment on each, it is again'ts the terms, and at the end of this page, it is the oil this motorcycle is using

MOBIL 1 products
I even tried using their extended series.
VALVOLINE product, this is what i had used on my first change oil routine.

Castrol motorcycle oil product
other oil

Motul product

ELF product

Eneos product

The condition are harsh, the bike is travelling always at the highest rpm . air temperature is high, traffic is worse, revving high before shifting, (riding habit).

Now the question? For how long will my machine last running on automotive oil. another 9 more years, Lol, for me, and i am definitely sure. Fact is a Fact and truth is the truth, but it is not always true within the fact.

The blood of my machine up to date and the remaining oil that it will use.

CASTROL GTX 20w-50. An automotive oil.

The condition of my small bike was, the steel plates and friction plates prior from 2004 up to date is never been replace. it is an air cooled engine, and transmission never been brought down.


Nguyen duy khanh said...

how long do you change the oil with castrol GTX 20-50. I'm from vietnam, they sell castrol GTX 20-50 Sl/CF and CASTROL GTX MODERN ENGINE 15W-40 SM/CF, my bike is suzuki raider 150 (satria fu150), can i use 15-40 instead or either, tks for your advice

Nathaniel Berdan said...

It depends on the style of riding you do with the bike, sometimes when i am always at the revs, less than 2000km and when i do feel to ride normally or when i am in touring mode, less than 3000km, I do not know that GTX do have 15w-40 for i am only using the 20w-50 as shown on the picture above.

Nathaniel Berdan said...

by the way, i forgot to mentioned that my mileage is nearing the 170,000 km, clutch plate and steels never been replaced since i bought the suzuki bike.

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Rhino Pk said...

It actually depends on the type of motorcycle. Brands like BMW and Moto Guzzi have a separate engine and transmission with a dry clutch. Lubricants with friction modifiers would be beneficial for these engines by reducing heat and wear on critical engine parts.
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