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Last Updated: September 25, 2013

Led Tail/Brake Light Evolve

Filament bulb tail brake light bulb often failed due to the vibration at the back of any motorcycle, and it is un noticeable by the rider up until they are warned that they do not have a brake light to alert motorist at the back that you are stopping. I was once caught with a busted rear end light, thus this keeps me think of "Why not replace it with LED bulbs instead of filament bulb". In this way, i can conserve battery power, more reactive light at the rear when stopping, Yes led reacts faster than filament bulbs.

So i came up with this.

 first tail light work with this bike was this one

Composed of two circular shape style of tail/brake light in led formation.

It just plug into the original bayonet bulb socket.Notice the circular formation of the led, outer ring is the tail light, second and ineer ring of light is the brake light.

When it is lighted looks like this. I craved for more, since this give me headache of getting busted due to the input voltage not constant in a motorcycle. So i made this that in tail light mode, all led bulb is dim and when the brake is pressed will illuminate all led at full brightness.

as u can see from the glow, its not uniform and thats make me think to evolve this. and i come up with the idea of having just a single line of tail/light that acts like a fender eliminator type.

And come up with this, Up until now this is fiitted to my small motorcycle, it is an integrated, all function of the rear end light like the signal lights, tail and brake light.

Pictures of this evolution of led tail/brake lights is shown above, materials used is in the form of acrylic sheet, same as with the bar end light thing scattered in this site.

Left photo shows when it is off.