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Last Updated: August 16, 2013

5 LED Motorcycle Headlight (review)

Led headlight for motorcycle are in the beginning of their trial and error process that many claim a thumbs up, these are those users who actually fitted it on their motorbike to name a few are yamaha mio, kawasaki fury, honda wave, and select unit with enough headroom on their headlight assembly. Variants come out in the open on three onboard high power leds, and as shown on the photo is a five led type with 5mm leds circled at the edge as to form a circle of light when main device is at the OFF position.

This article is just a review of the said led headlight for motorcycle and even for cars too but not as headlights but as an auxillary lighting.

With the first glimpse of the unit, noticeable is the large heatsink at the back, a MUST for any high power led application. We all know led do heats up and overheating will mean result to failure of the HPL.

 Next is the PCB of the unit itself that comprises of the led constant current driver and the High Power Led soldered directly. Actually the board is an aluminun type and not the ordinary fiber glass types, It has a purpose, to transfer the heat the HPL will be generating onto the heatsink which was attached at the back of the board, then screwed at the top of the board,

 the Reflector...( a plastic type with chrome finished to of course reflect the light of the led. Since there are five HPL on board, five holed reflector each. Seen the photo, is noticeable at the edge comes the 5mm round crystal clear led, that act as what they called ANGEL EYES effect, or park light of some sorth when the HPL led are off.

When it is in the On position, both the 5mm leds and the 5 HPL led illuminates. Now the question was due to the BULKY size of this unit, how in the world can it be mounted inside the original headlight assembly of a motorcycle.

The only solution is to remove the reflector lens cover of the headlight assembly and put it inside, and not through the original repositioning of the filament type bulbs at the back, well more problems arises, The hole is too narrow for retrofit.

SOLUTION, by widening the original hole of the filament bulb, which in turn remove the possibility of returning your original bulb if something from the modification failed or the led get busted.

HOW LOW and HI works on this kind of led

Every headlight of any vehicle must have the LOW beam and HIGH beam option for use ability on roads.With this led offered in the market, the way it utilize the low and high beam is straight forward.3 led will lit for the low and all 5 led for the high, as shown.
This is the actual  LOW beam with no other lighting aside from the led installed, see the beam at the was all focused there.  
Next is the high beam, with all 5 HPL led are lit. notice that the only difference with the low beam, the spot beam of those led still at the center of the light beam and not scattered.

If we will compare it with those other auxiliary led lighting for automotive available worldwide, the overall beam pattern is obviously different., but of course price will states it all.

this led is so affordable even enthusiast like me can purchased, but if you are looking for the clarity and effectiveness of the beam pattern. Do not go for this type. It is not motorist friendly if not treated with the right mounting in front. I came across such i even got temporary blurred vision after i passes on it on incoming traffic.

Perhaps what this type lacks..a COLLIMATING LENS. in order for each individual beam be spotted scatteredly.


Jefferson Zara said...

boss magkano kya mgagastos if magpapagawa ako nito? thanks

Nathaniel Berdan said...

i did not build it, they are available at every shop, just ask for led headlight, and cost around P1,5oo or less depending on the brand.

Kim Cabe said...

Kasya at pwd b yan sa honda wave 1000

Nathaniel Berdan said...

@kim Cabe, you have to modify the existing headlight assembly to fit that inside, look at the size. You also have to remove the lens of the assembly. If i we're you, just buy those plug and play type