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Last Updated: July 09, 2012

Ignition Wire Ground Strap

Ignition coil at the very least are the last part of any ignition that provide High Voltage for the spark plug to ignite the mixture inside any combustion of an engine, and sometimes the least to overlook when it comes to enhancement. If we analyze our ignition coil, and the parts that covered here are, ignition coil connected to an ignition wire down to spark plug cap to where the spark plug will be connected. But, if we enhanced further our analysis on the said part, only the HV path is directly connected to each component, and the ground is left on where the coil is bolted, then down to the engine itself via the connection of the engine to the chassis, to where the cylinder head with the spark plug ground is then connected and bolt on to receive the ground.

I have been reading all through the net about ground strapping the entire ignition wire in order for the whole system have its own grounding strap instead of relying on the engine chassis ground to i think produce a consistent END part of the ignition to make it more reliable. So why not give a try.

Here what we are going to do is, Adding a direct ground connection on the ignition coil ground down to the cylinder head to where the spark plug is bolted and rely on the engine chassis ground. Materials needed are the following.

Ground strap---this can be found on some computer cables, like the VGA cable, Parallel port cable, etc etc.

We need to remove the other wires inside this ground strap, so that it can be inserted on the ignition wire.

after the removal of all wires being covered with the ground strap, we are ready to insert this strap on the ignition wire.

After minutes of inserting the ground strap must look like this, end to end of the ignition wire must be covered leaving some and twisted at the end for the mounting eyelet to be soldered..The eyelet will be the part to be bolted on the ignition mounting bracket and to anywhere in the cylinder head.

To protect the ground strap from dust, water and any forms of road debris, we need something to hold of also in its place and SHRINK tubing is i think the best for this job. It can be bought at any electronic supply parts nationwide.

This is the final modification of the entire ignition coil, with ignition wire ground strap in place and the eyelet soldered at each end.

Ignition coil bolted to its mounting bracket together with the modded ignition wire ground strap together.

Spark plug cap end with ground connected near the spark plug..

Many people will try to ask,

1.What will be GAINED on doing this kind of MODIFICATION or trick?

ANS: I myself was amazed of doing this kind of mod from a site i recently saw, and logically thinking, why not, thinking outide the box, why the ignition end do not have a proper ground strap and just rely on the engine chassis, and making this mod really make sense that instead of the usual way, why not directly connect such ground as well as ground strapping the entire ignition wire to block any unwanted interference that might affect ignition.

TEST your bike after this mod, if you felt your throttle much crispier than before without this modification, there its a success, for thats why i felt.

2. Why not just put a wire and bolt it like the way you did instead of adding it on the ignition wire?

ANS: It can be used instead of following this kind of modification, what i intend to do was make it clean, and that's how it came out using ground strap, perhaps they'll both the same trick, JUST being clean though.