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Last Updated: May 09, 2012

Single phase shunt regulator again.

Motorcycle voltage regulator commonly uses shunt type in order to control the output of the generator. Shunting the winding to ground is easier than controlling the output of the regulator by those series type.

Circuit on the left is still a shunt regulator controlling the windings, with parts easily obtainable from your local electronic supply stores.


D2 and D1 are the SCR that will control the voltage output of the generator, as the rpm of the engine rises D4 and D5 will convert the AC to DC and shall charge the battery, as the battery is being charged, it is been monitored by Q1, R1, D3 and R4 that comprises the voltage threshold of the entire unit and must be adjusted to 14.4 volts cut off. When the sense circuit seen the voltage rises, Q1 will be turned ON and current will then flow towards the gate of the two SCR turning them on thus shunting the windings not to generate more than needed, protecting the battery from overcharging.

NOTE that this circuit do not have a HEADLIGHT controlling device and or headlight regulator, its for charging battery only on motorcycles with stator.