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Last Updated: April 09, 2012

Homemade Hobby CNC router part II

Updated now working with full threaded rod that will move the axis. Connecting the rod to the stepper motor, i used those rubber guide of old inkjet printers as shown.
The stepper is a low torque from old fax machines i salvaged from my junks, almost all parts that make this a complete, A not perfect machine.

the dremel tool was changed due to the old one not rotating fast and sometimes halt when trying to cut through the material, the latter perfect fit for engraving.

Video of the first run, and using KCAM 4 software instead of MACH3 for i cannot configure the latter to move the steppers correctly.
here, i am engraving my daughters name in a 2mm thick acrylic sheet, due the movement of the Y-axis and the tolerance of the shaft to its cradle, sometimes the position of the cut is out of position.

Needing to tweak the number of steps the motor must turn, finally i am up to engrave a full logo on a an acrylic sheet.

 some of those first tries engrave.

the finished HOMEMADE Hobby CNC router out from salvaged parts out of my junk back home.