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Last Updated: June 14, 2014


This is a test if high power led can be used as led  headlight, and to replace my sinski beta 150cc bulb headlight with this. It is a 7 strings of 3 watts high power led that will driven at 28v 700mah. Although the unit is not in near completion because of thermal reliability. I have not incorporate it on my scooter just yet.

This is the beam..(shot taken away from the beam of the led to protect the ccd of my camera). It is not quite powerful because as i had said, there is a thermal runwaway on my CC driver. I had used the NCP3063 by on semiconductor and I based the design on their datasheet. with an efficiency of 79% which is too low for my desired application and those power losses gone to waste by heat build up.

This is the video of the beam shot which was taken at a very dark place without any other light aside from the led.

This is the schematic of the driver i used on this project to power it up, the circuit is wired as a boost converter.