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Last Updated: July 22, 2011

LED lights

Led lighting solution for motorcycle are the trends of enthusiast from filament bulbs of their signal lights thus improving night time visibility and faster response of LED including signal lights, tail lights and brake lights, soon even headlights will be led..THIS is light emitting diode era anyway.
My DIY led amber signal lights.
All you need is a PCB board, couple of leds, resistor of 470ohms for the three in series, a wedge type holder, a small signal diode 1n4148 for reverse polarity protection..and a solder know how technique.

this is how it lights offset from the camera to see the effect.


Anonymous said...

where is the schematics diagram please pose it where are we going to solder the small signal diode 1n4148 . What are the specs. of the LED and how did you come up with the value of the resistor there was no mention for the value of the LEDS.

LEI said...

this is a series of three and a parallel of two led combination....series the 3 leds then put 470 ohms at one the same on the othe string then parallel it with one another end to end...use the 1n4148 at the other end and you are done...

Richard Fenton said...

I love the idea of LED stip lights on the front of motorcycle mirrors. They're  much nicer looking than standard indicators attached to the center and appear safer too.