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Last Updated: July 22, 2011

HID installation on motorcycle

High intensity discharge or HID is very common nowadays here in my country when it comes to motorcycle headlamp because of its usefulness at night covering almost all of your front view for better driveablity during night time.
The process of installing this might need some electrical know how on motorcycles, know how to trace the right supply path, and using heavy gauges wire to prevent malfunction as to some are experiencing.
When you open up the box, you'll see the components of a HID system
1. The BULB
2. the wiring harness
3. The ballast...( 12 volts to 23kv to 85v dc-dc converter)
4...The RELAY

The relay must be provided always when dealing with electrical surges of motorcycle to prevent the ballast fro absorbing the SUDDEN incoming current surge that may damage the ballast....(very common problem)
FOR more

this is the conventional way of fitting HID system on your motorcycles.With a separate on/off switch for the system.

Again this is the conventional easiest way for those who wanted to have a HID system on their small bikes such as underbones, scooters.

But be aware when using hid system may cause battery discharging too fast your conventional charging system cannot cope with the high current consumption of the system, as far as i know when first on, the system will need 8 amps to arc the bulb then afterwards will steady down to 3.5 amps continuous so others will then be needing a fast charging system be fitted...Fitting the FCS on your bike means an enhanced installation is needed. such as modifying your regulator and at sometimes stator from half bridge to full bridge charging system in order to cope for current loses.

There is also the so called fully automatic system in which two bulbs are fitted on the bike, one is the OEM STOCK HEADLIGHT BULB and the hid system that when you switch off the high intensity discharge lamp will the revert all system to the USUAL way...(stock configuration) this will be needing another relay to do the JOB...How to fit the fully automatic system soon...


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Anonymous said...

85 should be ground.86 should be connected to ignition