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Last Updated: June 12, 2011

Speed sensor

Digital speedometer like those found in a suzuki shogun 125 and raider 150 wherein there is no cable attached to front end of the bike uses the so called, GEAR TOOTH magnetic sensor, as shown in the picture.

This is bolted in the area where the front sprocket shaft is as shown below

As the gear spins or turns, each spline or tooth in it will be detected by the magnet as it passes and a corresponding electrical pulse is sent out. The faster the gear spins the faster the electrical pulses the sensor sends and thus a speed reading is made.

The sensor shown was already defective and unable to send pulses to the speed panel, I assume it failed due to the oil used that it generate too much heat for the semiconductor attached at the tip of the assembly to overheat and causing it to snap a connection with the wires inside...
I tried to open the sensor part, but it was covered with epoxy.


muhammad insani imam utomo said...

is speed sensor shogun 125 and raider 125 are same ?