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Last Updated: June 28, 2011

Motorcycle Automatic Battery Charger

I made this a long time ago for my motorcycle, a battery charger conditioner thats fully automatic, can detect whether the battery plates are still functioning normally or if the battery can be charged when connected...

Been using this for the last few years on my motorcycle battery to keep it in condition, with some peace of mind if i left it un attended will automatically shut the charging off then place it on trickle mode.

Battery charger / conditioner  is suitable for charging and maintaining both open and sealed type 6 volt or 12 volt lead-acid batteries. Battery charging current can be selected between 0.3A or 1A. The battery can be hooked-up to this charger unit for an indefinite time, and the battery will be kept in optimal condition. Battery type and charge current are selectable, while the charging process is fully automatic.
Schematic diagram


leinahtan said...

schematic diagram added..

Anonymous said...

How much ampere batteries it can cange ? upto 5 amp or upto 7 amp or upto 9 amp all are 12 v bike batteries

LEI said...

it can charge up till 7ah batteries from UPS...6 or 12 volts capable via voltage select switch.

Anonymous said...

@ LEI can you post a simple circuitary which can charge a 12v 5 ah & 12v 6a & 12v 7a & 12v 9a battery without the switch to select 6 volt or 12 volt & a light indicator showing battery is fully charged ,

LEI said...

you mean a selectable battery capacity charger, it cannot be simple i think, having abttery charger that can switch and charge different capacity will mean adjusting the right current to make a battery fully charge.

dodon labajo said...

Can you make the diagram a printable and a little bit clearer. Can't print and can't make the circuit with the one uploaded. Not clear.

Ana said...


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