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Last Updated: August 12, 2013

Oil Drain Plug Thread fix

Been quite a while not having to share with works i've done with my shogun..until up recently i have troubles with one of my drain plug getting loose after my change oil routine. Many times, as far as i know, this area of the engine is prone to loosing thread with the removal of the bolt and during the tightening series, and other's only solution was to OVERSIZE it to the next allowable range just to have it fix, then so on and so forth..what if it get loose again, This i dont like to know.

Aluminum is so prone to this problem, especially when the engine is cold. I usually change my oil during morning after firing the engine for 5 minutes, but then i forgot this routine then this what happens.

Anyway, this is my way of fixing my loose drain plug..

The picture shows how the thread was badly worn,

In order to patch this hole with a new thread, buying INSERTS or HELICOIL will be a pain in a wallet since its not locally available here in my country, so i have to look for an alternative option thats do the same job and i come up with this.

Its a PLATED speaker terminal

Now, i need to at least make this fitted to the hole and force fit it with a hammer, I put a bolt at the end so that when i ram it with a hammer, the impact will not damage my IMPROVISED insert.

I used a DREMEL drill to sharpen the loosed hole,

and after getting my approximate size for my improvised insert, i placed it the ram it with my hammer gently at first to align it with the hole then force fit it in its place.

And this is what my new OIL drain plug looks like after this D.I.Y. Same to my spark plug hole that get ripped off  2 years ago although i have to dismantle my cylinder head to force fit it inside so that when i tighten my spark plug, will tighten the insert even more for a thorough seal with my combustion chamber.

DISCLAIMER : do this at your own risk, i shall not be held responsible for your actions if you are planning to take this step by step Cheap bandage of fixing loose thread holes at your motorcycle engines.