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Last Updated: October 26, 2010

Shogun Missed Shift

I recently having trouble shifting gears on my suzuki shogun 125cc, Actually, its been 2 years i am encountering missed shifts with my bike, but one day, i got convinced to dismantle my clutch and gear cam on my own when i was running hard on one day at a highway here in my country when my 3rd gear suddenly dropped to second gear on its own making my engine scream hard from my high revving run that day. It is not the first time it happened but too many times so my reaction from there was to pull the clutch lever to make it run free will then dropped my rpm to a maintainable level for my second gear..then shift again. It was scary...

Here is the tearing down of my clutch system and gear shift cam mechanism.

First is to drain the oil before removing the clutch cover..Here we have options. the drain no draining of oil procedure, I chose the drain oil procedure since i'll be changing my oil too. The second system is to lean the bike on its left side so that all the oil be on the magneto side, this to prevent oil from spilling out during clutch cover disassembly, therefore saving your oil for another use.

Second, removing the screws holding the cover to the engine, here i numbered my screws, from 1 to 9..this is my way not to interchanged each one of them..i just dont like having a lose thread somewhere...:-))

After removing all the screws..the whole clutch system is exposed. and changing CLUTCH spring is done by just removing the 4 screws as noted below. and to remove the lining, we will be needing an IMPACT drill to remove the CLUTCH hub SLEEVE nut on the center size 19, but since this is the second time i am removing the is much easier.

After removing the NUT of the sleeve, we can now take out the friction plates, (lining), steel plates and will look like this, just take out the clutch holder out to gain access on the gear shift cam, detent arm or cam stopper, and gear shift arm..

After removing the sleeve, the gear cam, gear stop arm, and the gear shift arm will be exposed.

This part is the culprit to all of my problem shifting.there are spots of irregular wear espescially at the upshift area of the gear cam (counterclockwise) I .i just replaced this with a new one...and i am moving good as new again.

DISCLAIMER: not all shogun will meant the same problem as i do due to the differences of our driving habit..I run my bike hard everytime im on the road, but there might be similarities somewhere.


JMY said...

Sir thanks for the pictures and instructions, san ponakakabili nung replacement and makano inabot?

thanks in advance

LEI said...

sorry for the late reply haven't been on this blog for quite a while, if u noticed i didnt buy a new part, i just grind and polish some area that is peaky or have peaks which get me trouble shifting..after that performs well after.

Unknown said...

Sir the same kaya ng problema nung skin kapag mag shift ako ng gear from 1 to 2 di agad pumasok.. sobrang hirap ilipat s second gear.. thanks sir..

Alexis said...

Sir the same kaya ng problema nung skin kapag mag shift ako ng gear from 1 to 2 di agad pumasok.. sobrang hirap ilipat s second gear.. thanks sir..

Nathaniel Berdan said...

Alexis if you cannot shift or hard to shift from first to second gear..have your gear shift arm (the one that hooks the shift star) check, I've seen some worn out issue on the arm.

lyndon said...

Sir ung akin po kapag mejo mainitinit na ung makina ng motor ko pomalinis pa ung andar pero pag mejo mainitinit na po ung makina sir omiingay na po sir . thankyou sir

Prasetio said...

can i know part code cover clutch manual shogun??
thanks before

Hidayat Rizki said...

Mau import yaa? WKWKWKWK