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Last Updated: July 27, 2012

Sachs MADASS (with wiring diagram)

Cool looking naked bike which was introduced here in the philippines and is seldom seen since only limited units was scattered all over the country, with displacement from 100cc automatic transmission, to 125cc manual class tranny, i find it so appealing after my first drive with this bike, with 16 inch alloy wheels, a mono shock suspension, large front fork, dual disk brake, with projected headlights. I can do more thingy with this bike.

This unique air-cooled 100cc 4-stroke, features modern digital speedo, fuel tank-in-frame design, mini indicators, rear mono shock with Banana swing arm, twin projector headlights, catalized exhaust system with under seat silencer, LED tail light and hydraulic 2-piston brake caliper. The MadAss can be ridden at 16-years of age on a moped licence. It also has a 125cc which is madder than the 100cc automatic.

Handling : Out of 10 i say 8, due to its wide tire
Speed : I have the 100cc automatic thus from stop and go, too slow to react on my throttling compared to my manual tranny suzuki shogun thus from 10, i go with 5.
Looks : Here with its mono shock bulk frame, a head turner out of 10 its 9.

Do you OWN this kind of Bike, How can u rate it.