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Last Updated: August 08, 2013

Super Park light

Been thinking of using 5mm leds as park light and signal lights as well, in replacement for filament type ones to conserve battery energy and minimize discharge activity to prolong its life..and came my first revision that uses the 5mm leds as park lights.

FIRST revision LED park lights.............still i used it for almost 2 years on my bike without no problem but then since i am an enthusiast and craving for more far ideas, i might think of..came my second revision. An alternating park and signal lights in action

but then after a year..i noticed the so called luxeon leds made by LUMILEDS, so i tried researching on how to use it. first, i order via ONLINE of their K1 leds. and test it, i was amazed by its luminance and made me think of more light. I proceed to enhancing browsing the net for more info on how to drive this little creatures to produce intense light, so i did and came up with this 3 watts luxeon leds..driving them around 700mah constant current.

5mm green led on the center, and two bikes having a 3 watts luxeon leds at both sides.. i'd say im going finally at last, my super park light journey came to an end...

here are the stuff i made for this super park lights..

The led driver capable of delivering 700mah on a 3 watts luxeon
led with an efficiency of 80% with a 12 to 14.4 volts motorcycle
battery. lifetime is around 50,ooo hours according to leds datasheet
so having it on every night wont be a problem on its longevity, 
light beam is a narrow type meaning i can used it as spotlight on
some really dark areas, and or as service light to other member of
our moto club during emergency fixing at night ride.

the luxeon led with its optical housing .


 this is the updated green power park lights that was sandwich on 
the picture above  by two powerful white parklights.


Anonymous said...

what chip did you used on your driver? can you share your schematic...? thanks

LEI said...

try google and look for ncp3063 for switchmode and for linear drivers use LM317..