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Last Updated: February 15, 2014

Suzuki Emblem Logo Illuminated

Suzuki FL-125 suzuki logo illuminated.

Illuminating those emblem logo on your sometimes a head turner .featuring  costumized suzuki logo illuminated version...This suzuki hayate is from a friend who dire to have his scooter something to look for..a simple head turner without altering its original look as is.

without illumination will look like this

Looks when illuminated. Materials used was acrylic sheet formed in an S logo using engraver, using led to light the sheet like the bar end. Not so easy to work on, patience is highly needed.


some  other photos of this mod.


Anonymous said...

how did u do this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir!

Hope you would not mind telling how you did this?


tony said...

Suzuki Logo Hd Wallpaper