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August 09, 2012

Suzuki Raider Underneath Lights

Costumized brake lights for raider underneath that uses 5mm red, orange leds,

this is the other option..the commonly called Eye type fender eliminator tail/brake lights i created long

time ago on the same model of suzuki.


The signal lights function is incorporated with the use of a relay, that will flash one eye like in this video.


  1. sir san nio nbile ung underneat na led?ung nsa unang pic nd magkno?tnx

  2. sorry for my late reply, haven't been onto this blogsite of mine, too BZ working, anyway..i didnt buy the underneath, a costumer just wanting his raider tail/brake lights to work integrated...so i come up with the design of the lightings.

  3. sir magkano po ba yung underneat nga led? nag bibinta ka ba?

  4. san po bu shop nyo sir??? pagawa rin ako sa inyo ng taillight

  5. sir, i don't have a shop, i just made this tail lights for raider 150 for anyone to have an idea. thanks

  6. d ba yan papasukan ng tubig

  7. nope, water will not enter because it was placed inside a tube. to protect the leds of corrosion and malfunction.



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