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Last Updated: July 21, 2011

Sinski Scooter 150cc

I am in the  process of restoring a sinski scooter150cc with a GY6 based engine that was stock for a year and so. Before it was handed over to me by my cousin, it rocks. The engine running very smoothly, and even running fast due to its 150cc engine. I was terribly surprised of what he did to this scooter after. they just stored  the scooter for in no particular reason at all, getting soaked in rains, directly hit by sunlight after..until the chassis begins to corrode, and body kit color fading away. And so i immediately came to my senses to get the scooter and try to restore it to its beauty and rocks the road again.

This is the picture after i remove the body kit, and just look at the chassis.

Im in the process of applying red primer after scraping all the rust on some parts of the chassis to save it.

but from the time being since i need to gather all the materials for the restoration, i'll let her sleep for a while. I hope at least 90% of the original beauty will re surface on this scooter.

The body kit had cracks on its pinted surfaces..perhaps due to temperature changes, stuck up throttle cable, front brake master inoperable, with left front shock absorber leaking fluids.

  The chassis was totally corroded and may weaken it. This will be the very first thing to do with this bike.

Rear shocks need attention too.
 Engine might not be needing any overhaul since it was not started after storage, although i have to fire it up later after finishing all exteriors, i'll be checking the engine the last.

because of this crack, fixing this will mean filling the gap with an aluminum epoxy and or aluminum welding, but will be too costly for me because im on a tight budget. will try to use epoxy filler instead.

PART 2 be next with body cover painting, MAGS restoration,