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Last Updated: October 11, 2013

Reusable Oil Filter


 Been thinking of a way to minimize cost of my change oil change filter routine, that due to prices increasing on parts needed to maintain our engine..i have developed such filter that is useable and the only thing needed is the oil, that the filter may be used overtime, and not needed to replace it every routine..So why not make a reuseable Oil Filter out from stainless wire mess.

The body came fron used oil paper filter element taken out and in its place a micropores type stainless steel screen that can filtered a paper element can without minimizing the oil plow through the entire area of the oil filter.

The above pictures are the materials needed for this DIY oil filter.

1. used oil filter paper element remove
2. wire mesh stainless steel micropore type..(its finer than what you think)
3. the cover of the filter remove from the original assembly. (epoxy stripped)
4 .steel epoxy high temp
5. Patience

epoxy been striped holding the original paper element to give way to the stainless mess

have it cut with a stainless scissor with the right height width dont matter with the housing. mix the steel epoxy then apply to the outer cover then re fit the mess and same goes to the other cover. Press the cylindrical tube cover end to end so that it will hold and set it aside for 30 mins if the epoxy used are those quick drying action type. And thats all there is..VOILA a washable oil filter...

This pic is before changing the oil, sediments is trapped actually inside the mess, so in order for it to be clean, we need gasoline, yes gasoline.

To clean this, a fresh gasoline out from your fuel tank is all that it needs, just dip it in shake it, then let it dry, or use compress air if any.

Then after drying this, it can be useful again for another change oil routine.

Advantages of this modification:
1, higher oil flow inside the engine allowing critical engine components during the extreme to be lubricated.

2. oil temp gone done due to the oil getting around more freely on the cyclinder head.

3. Oil losses due to evaporation when engine is too hot.

4. Most of all, I saved some money buying paper element oil filter every time i have to changed my oil.

NOTE: all advantages was based on my experience handling my own motorcycle, i am always revving it way past the limits and i needed higher flow of oil lubrication to maintain the reliability and it has been 9 years and i had never been into serious engine problem using this, in fact i am so confident of not having LACK of flow of oil from using the OLD paper element before that clogs.


./clutch said...

hehehhehe very nice innovation. more really are my idol! you always struck ideas!

Leinahtan said...

i am on a thrift mode, so thanks. with gas prices up..costly maintenance must be avoided, just shared 10 of them already.

Leinahtan said...

i am on a thrift mode, so thanks. with gas prices up..costly maintenance must be avoided, just shared 10 of them already.

Jayc Raepal said...

GudPM, Meron ka rin pong pang shogun pro tulisan? saan po makakabili nito sir?

Markson Punla said...

sir san po makakabili nung stainless mesh na micropore type? nagtanong po ako s mga hardware at auto supply. wla po akong makita eh.salamat po.

Nathaniel Berdan said...

Markson it can only be found in the middle east and on all OIL was specifically made for filtering oil.

Stewart Morgan said...

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moses said...

Hi Bro

What the size of your stainless steel mesh? I saw online so many size ie:#25 #50# #60 #180.

Thank you.

Nathaniel Berdan said...


The stainless steel mess size i used was 74 micron. Thank you