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Last Updated: November 15, 2009

Side mirror signal light part 1

After some time of thinking how to make one..i finally decided to go for it and try to install one using my knowledge..At last, though still in a temporarily dry run to see how it it is

its a KOSO immitation side mirror, with acrylic sheet placed inside and put leds to lit the sheet, just like my signalling BAR END. I wanted to create like those of a ford exped. van that has an arrow on the face of the mirror, but this immitation side mirror was not the type of mirror im looking for, those one way mirror like...Anyway, it still worth my patience.

THINGS needed to do the mods.
1. acrylic sheet size 3/4
2. metal polish
3. power tools, knife, mini drill,
4. sand papers, files,
5. patience


Anonymous said...

sir, san po nakatap yung wiring ng signal lights na ginawa nyo po? wala po kasi ako masyado alam sa electrical eh... gusto ko sana makagawa din nyan para unique ang dating ng motor ko.... thanks po.... your blog is really nice....

LEI said...

thanks for reading, the wire of the bar end is tap via an electronic relay so that when the signal is off the bar end lights and vice versa when the signal lights is triggered, the electronic relay will then be triggered too cutting supply on the bar end to make an alternate flashing scheme.